4 Buzzing Big Data Analytics Positions in major IT Industries

4 Buzzing Big Data Analytics Positions in major IT Industries

With the possibility that analytics can transform a business, major IT companies are racing with each other to build a robust big data analytics portfolio. Why so? To let every business user think that there is something for everyone.


This concept in turn has resulted in the creation of particular big data analytics positions within IT product companies as well as IT consulting firms.


According to the data of timesJobs, big firms like Wipro, HP, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Honeywell, Fractal Analytics and Symphony Teleca seem to stay away from the term data scientist, which has been claimed as the hottest position of the 21st Century. They are breaking it down into particular job roles which are as follows:


Big Data Developers: They are the programmers with proven skills in writing high-optimised, high-quality, high-performance and supportable codes.


Skills Sets Needed

  • Familiarity with Hadoop apps and experienced in MapReduce programming.
  • Agility in scheduling and checking jobs and taking pivotal actions to lessen process errors during software development phase.
  • Understanding of how to efficiently integrate apps with models such as data base technologies, data analytics, data warehousing, business intelligence as well as warehouse development.


Big Data Test Engineers: On this position a big data engineer is responsible to work closely with the design team to build test cases and execute manual testing for big data solutions.


Skill Sets needed

  • Familiarity with automation of test suite via Python/Java to confirm faster and proficient test cycles for every release.
  • Strong working know-how of web-based technologies, distributed systems technologies, applications, app servers and database performance tuning approaches & tools.
  • Working skills on Hadoop, Flume, Hive, Java/J2EE, SOAP, XML and web services. Earlier development practise would be a plus point.


Predictive Analytics Consultants: This is an in-demand position in IT consulting companies. The role calls for big data experts who can leverage analytics tools for particular business decision-making purposes where they will be preparing, analysing and picking insights in an effective yet error-free manner with the help of statistical, machine learning as well as optimisation techniques.


Skills Sets Needed

  • Business intelligence combined with technology knowledge that lets him/her to execute the needed analytics programming with negligible supervision for different clients.
  • Familiarity with complex querying, model algorithms and data mining.
  • Capability of managing data audits steps so as to confirm data quality, logic, data extraction methodology and design of data cleaning statistical method and exploratory data analysis.

Big Data Technology Leads: It needs know-how of different industries, the big data analytics needs, the kind of data produced, types of algorithms that has to be run and the capability to suggest optimal solutions.


Skills Sets Needed

  • Hands-on familiarity with developing quick prototypes/proof of concepts for big data solutions.
  • Industry knowledge combined with tech familiarity that helps the person to construct the big data visualisation of the IT solution provider.
  • Out-of-the-box and innovative thinking to conceptualise never-thought-of analytics solutions for particular business requirements across industries.

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