5 Best Books for Big Data Hadoop

5 Best Books for Big Data Hadoop

Hadoop technology needs no introduction as it’s the buzzing solution around. Mastering anything is said to be incomplete if we don’t refer some good books, isn’t it?

The same has been applied for technology like Hadoop. Yes, there are some books written by known experts, which may get you covered with every detail you need to master this subject.

In case you are looking for books, here we have shortlisted 5 books for Big Data Hadoop in this blog. Some of these are for beginners, whereas others are centralized on experienced map reduce programmers as well as big data developers to understand this particular solution in detail.

The ecosystem of Hadoop is vast and may take a little long to learn. Hence, people for whom it’s a new thing must start with Hadoop books for beginners.

In today’s database analytics and content management system, Hadoop is the catchphrase. Initially designed by Google to support & manage the vast database operating in Nutch search engine project, this modern big data system allocates the data across the entire network and makes complex computation of clustered and structured data possible. This technology is gaining momentum across industries like social networking, finance and other platforms that deal with a huge data that is otherwise impossible to manage.

As we all know, Hadoop experts are great in demand these days across a wide array of industries. A practical knowledge of this latest technology will help you get and edge over others and succeed in your career as there is a growing demand for experts.

Here are the 5 Best Books for Big Data Hadoop:

Hadoop in Practice by Alex Holmes: This book teaches about the modern Hadoop applications and the related technologies. In initial chapters, you will get an overview of Hadoop technology as in what is it all about. Having familiarity with Java language is a prerequisite and you must have its knowledge before getting started with this book as it is focused on advance learners. With this book, you get a deeper insight into the big data management technology. If you have familiarity with Mahout and Pig, this book is really gonna help you a lot.

Hadoop- The Definite Guide By Tom White: For beginners, it’s a must have the book. This single best source is capable of adapting you to the world of big data management. The lingo used in this book is easy to understand. The first eight chapters are important and you should read twice or thrice or even more than this to get familiar with this technology. Before getting started an initial training in Java language is recommended to understand this book better.

Professional Hadoop Solutions by Boris Lublinsky, Kevin T. Smith, Alexey Yakubovich: It is much more than just a guide or overview. It delves deeper and provides you with in-depth knowledge about Hadoop and its related technologies. The first chapter is a simple introduction followed by various other chapters highlighting the various aspects of MapReduce Programming, Oozie. For all advance learners of big data management solutions, this book is highly recommended.

Hadoop Operations by Eric Sammer: This book is all about technology in details, working out how, when and why of every distinction that is related to the big data management. There is a chapter on HDFS, which is highly suggested. This book can be your manual to understand all aspects of Hadoop technology in an easy yet understandable manner. This is a must read for both beginners and advance learners.

Data Science for Business: What you need to know about data mining and data-analytic thinking by Foster Provost, Tom Fawcett: It is counted among one of the best big data books. This book shows the right steadiness between the oversimplified ones that may seem friendly but are of no actual use and those with academic totalitarian tone. This books is solely related to programming and algorithms, however, anyone with a curiosity to understand the big data management can find this book up to the mark. It also highlights topics as how the business world benefits & implements this large storage of clustered as well as structured data. This book is helpful for one and all.

Now, you have got five suggestion and five books. Depending upon your needs, you can choose the one that best suits your requirements. If you are looking for Big Data Hadoop Training in Delhi then Madrid Software Trainings provide complete practical training on all the frameworks of Hadoop.





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