7 Mistakes that Start-ups Must Not do in their Digital Marketing Campaign


Digital Marketing, when you hear these two words, what comes into your mind? Well, when the term appeared in front of many start-ups like mine, they got excited. They were so excited that they started day-dreaming of creating a billion dollar business by leveraging the power of Social Media, Search, Mobile and Email marketing.


I started the same way and without having any strategy I jumped into the sea, as everyone was doing so! But, after spending a lot of money, I realised that these efforts did nothing but lighting my wallet. We weren’t getting desired results we had planned for.

Yeah, that’s the story of a start-up like me, who though having experienced digital media professionals didn’t get the desired results.

If you’re someone who is struggling to produce the results using digital marketing, you’re not alone. We have learnt from our mistakes. Below given is a list of mistakes we commit while leveraging digital marketing in-house of working with an agency.


Not measuring the Cost per Acquisition

While we are aware that the measurability is one of the most important advantages of digitalised media, a large group of business owners fail to outline key metrics. They don’t put significant structure along with important tools to measure the progress of their marketing campaigns.


Moreover, their focus remains glued to increasing reach in terms of views as well as visitors. While reach is important, it is not enough alone. What’s the use of traffic that doesn’t convert into sales as compared to your competitors then you would still be getting lower returns. In addition to boosting reach, focusing on the entire customer funnel is key to success.


Having a mind-set that it’s the task of Technology Department

It’s hilarious, but a large number of start-ups think that digital marketing isn’t a part of marketing but it’s a division of technology department and they treat it like that. While technology is involved in it, still it’s a marketing function. If you expect your technical team to ensure success, then surely you’re gonna fail. Not just start-ups, but large corporations too are victims of this concept.


Thinking that outsourcing is the cure

While digital marketing agencies pay an important role, having a mind-set that they will look after end-to-end execution is definitely a failure. In terms of large businesses, it’s a bigger problem that often depends upon outsourcing.


Ignorance during the hiring process of Digital Marketing Professional

Hiring one or more professionals for this task without having clarity on your digital marketing strategy is similar as outsourcing digital marketing accountability to an external source.


For business owners and senior marketing professionals of large brands the most valuable take-out is that they know their role in creating a digital marketing strategy whether they work with an external agency or build their own in-house digital marketing team.


Implementing Social Media because everyone is into it

It’s an obvious thing that our efforts in largely influenced by others’ activities and popular trends. Our decisions around where to start and what to concentrate on in digital marketing is the same. Just because everyone is on Social Media doesn’t clarify that our business should also be there.


Being a blind follower isn’t good. But, choosing the right platform as per your business objectives and target audience is the key. If your primary objective is lead generation, then social media may be useful for your start-up’s brand promotion.


Expecting for Success Overnight

Charmed by mind-boggling statistics of digital media platforms and sprawling of online businesses, every start-up thinks that digital marketing is an overnight magic which will turn them into a large business soon. It will fulfil their sales and marketing objectives in a night! That’s not true.


If you think so, come into reality. Undoubtedly, digital media is a powerful weapon to speed up your business growth, but it take months, not just one night. Its SEO part needs months before giving any results.

Underestimating the Power of Content

Small businesses often overlook the regular flow of high-quality, significant content, which in no way is beneficial. Scarcity of content often leads to compromising with quality which is widely seen in start-ups. Don’t do that if you want your digital marketing campaigns to be successful.

Now, you see what sorts of mistakes we do during our initial phase of business. However, you can steer clear of these problems by getting digital marketing course in Delhi or enrolling your digital marketing professionals for an advanced digital marketing training program. 

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