Ten Reasons To Learn Cloud Computing To Give Boost To Your IT Career


Cloud computing has become one of the important career opportunities for students in IT industry. Now numerous companies are using cloud computing and getting the desired benefits from business. To provide such large services to companies, specially trained IT professionals are essential to perform the work in cloud computing. CERN has estimated by 2014 small business will spend about 100 billion dollars for cloud computing services.  So, it has become a lucrative career option for students to get high paying job.  

Benefits of using cloud computing for business

1. Flexibility – Cloud computing offers flexible service to rising demand of businesses around the world. The business can meet their rising service easily which is not possible through a remote service earlier.

2. Easy Recovery of Data – Earlier, companies need to plan and invest lots of money for data recovery after disaster. Cloud computing take care of this issue nicely and recover the data faster than businesses which don’t use.

3. Automatic Software Updates – Using of latest software for performing works is advisable for performance and security. But, business taking cloud computing service doesn’t need to spend extra money on that as service providers provide updates of software, security, etc automatically.

4. Large Capital Not Required – Businesses willing to install other services for IT solution needs special infrastructure and lots of capital. In the contrary, cloud computing is easy to deploy and doesn’t require much project cost and operating expenses.

5. Increased Collaboration – Business using cloud computing enables collaboration at the same time, no matter wherever they lives or work. The employees get updates of work in real time enables them to work unitedly as a team. It has been found that companies using cloud computing for work get more return on investment.

6. Freedom of Work – As long as employees have the internet access, it can easily perform the work anywhere in the world with cloud computing. This increases the productivity of professionals immensely.

7. Easy Access to Documents –Earlier, companies need to send documents to their employees to work on it specially. But, in cloud computing all the documents are saved in center location where every employee can extract file and work on it with the collaboration of others. Even the changes made are updated regularly providing real time information to workers. Working together gives rise to collaboration and increase efficiency of working on the project.

8. Security – Numerous computers are stolen every year. The documents stored in the devices get lost causing loss of money for company. But, if employees store the data in cloud computing, the essential data can be easily extracted from its center location.  

9. Edge to companies – Cloud computing is a new technology enabling the companies to perform their work faster and according to global standard.  It is easy and less laborious than traditional methods available in the market.

10. Eco-Friendly – Business using cloud computing use server space required by them decreasing the carbon footprint. Using cloud computing, a business consumes 30\\% less energy and produces less carbon emission than on-site servers.   

Cloud computing security alliance, CloudU-Rackspace, cloud architect, Cloud sales, etc are some of the numerous specialization courses offered to students worldwide. Learning cloud computing will definitely gives a boost in existing IT career and job opportunities. It is being used by companies for its effectiveness, efficiencies, and cost-effective features. In fact, it is the technology of tomorrow for   seeking quick, reliable and cheap IT solution by companies. Hence, students pursuing cloud computing as career will have a bright future.

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