Big Data Implementation in Education Industry

Big Data Implementation in Education Industry

In recent years, across all types of industries, big data has turned out to be a big game changer. As big data persists to seep into our lives, there has been a major shift of focus from the hype going around it to actually digging out the real value in its application.


While comprehending the value of big data Hadoop persists to remain a challenge, other practical conformities like funding, return on investment and skills, keep on to the forefront for various industries that are embracing big data techniques.


According to a survey more than 75\% of enterprises are on the way to invest in big data in the next two years. These surveys show a considerable increase from a similar survey in 2012 that noted that 58\% of companies invested or were nodding to invest in big data within two years.


Usually, most enterprises have several objectives for embracing big data projects. While the foremost objective for most enterprises is to improve customer experience, other objectives include better target marketing, cost reduction and streamlining existing projects. In recent years, data violations have also led the businesses think of security as foremost concern that big data projects seek to integrate.


Where do you see yourself when it comes to big data Hadoop? You’ll likely discover that you are either-

  • Assessing the size of the market opportunity
  • Trying to figure out whether there lies a true value in it or not
  • Building new services and products that will implement big data
  • Already exploiting big data solutions, responding existing products/services to utilize it, or
  • Already making use of big data solutions

With this in mind, we are going to big data application in education industry. This will help you find out your role in future if you choose education sector.


Implementation of big data in Education

If we think of a technical point of view, then we’ll find that a major challenge in this industry is to integrate big data from different sources as well as vendors and exploit it on platforms that were designed for other data not varying data.


Now, from a practical point of view, all the staffs as well as education centers need to learn the new data management and get their hands on analysis tools as well.


Right on the technical side, there are many issues to incorporate data from various sources, on various platforms and from different vendors that weren’t meant to be compatible.


Also, issues of privacy and confidentiality plus personal data safety associated with big data used for educational reason am not easy.


Applications of big data in Education Sector

Big data is implemented quite considerably in higher education, for example, The University of Tasmania, an Australian University with more than 26000 students, has deployed a Learning & Management system that takes record of every student. When a student logs into the system, time spent on different pages, and overall progress report is also stored in the system.


Let’s talk about a different use case of the application of big data in education system. It’s also used to evaluate a teacher’s or instructor’s efficiency to ensure a good experience for both learners and instructors. A teacher’s performance can be measured and fine-tuned in sync with subject matter, student numbers, student aspirations, student demographics, behavioral classification and many other variables.


There are many Big Data training institutes in Delhi that provide Big Data training courses to understand its implementation in the education sector. If you’re attracted to this sector, you can enroll for a suitable course to gain more insights and knowledge about hadoop application in this industry.


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