Big Data- the Next Trillion Dollar Industry

Big Data- the Next Trillion Dollar Industry

Guess what? Big data is going to be the trillion dollar industry! We are not saying that, but the biggies and tycoons in the tech have said that. The researchers and known people have confirmed that it’s the big data Hadoop which is going to grow bigger, bigger and bigger!


If you don’t believe it, just keep reading and know the potential this industry has to offer in terms of career, opportunities and tech.


Big data is fast becoming everyday thing!

Trust us or not, but big data has penetrated in our day to day life. In fact, it has become everyday news. Whether it’s about scientists predicting the spread of a disease, online merchants predicting the buying pattern of the customers or security forces fighting against terrorism, big data has become a general term. Let’s come to a simpler form. You use credit cards, phones, TVs, computers and other devices for Netflix movie streaming, at shopping stores, etc. what all these depict? The data, the big data, which is growing by every passing day.


Data is collected from other aspects as well, for example, the infrastructure of a city. The sensor laced buildings, planes, factories, vehicles everything add to the expansion of data. It is said that by 2020, there would be 43 trillion data!


Even, tech billionaire Michael Dell says that earlier there were PCs and smartphones, now tablets, sensors and other devices are churning out all kinds of telemetry data and almost every type of service or product is fast converting into digital. These devices deliver more apps and data hence becomes enriched. However, many companies today do not know how to use the data and take real time decisions.


What would be the effects of big data on businesses?

The rise of the smart machines and techs

Have you seen the movie “Transformers” yeah, this sci-fi movie is based on smart machines. Likewise, 2020 is going to be the era to be remembered as smart machine era. Intelligent personal assistant would grow and that definitely would be the dependability on smart machines. And businesses would invest in these smart machines to become more powerful and succeed.


Value for both consumers and businesses

The convergence of the internet of things including big data, cloud and mobility has brought a drastic change in businesses. Every man on this earth is now a walking data generator and the data produced is of course in unstructured format. There is of course a lot of data noise that has to be released and managed. In future it’s been speculated to replace the old-school warehouse with the Hadoop warehouse. It will also have the potential and many secrets of customers for businesses to garner benefits.


This will also be the rise of big data analytics to manage unstructured data and convert them into structured one. The information generated from social media post, feeds, blogs and other channels can also be used wisely.


Companies need professionals to do data analytics

The data generated through mobile phones, electronic communications, transactions, social networks, GPS and many more streams has to be organized and that can only be done through well-skilled professionals. Big data courses in Delhi and other places make it possible for aspiring candidates to enter the world of big data.


As big data software market would grow, there would a steep demand in professionals as well. Database and software providers like Oracle, SAP SE, and Spunk, Microsoft and IBM dominate the market- Oracle ($492M), SAP ($770M), Splunk ($559M), Microsoft ($293M) and IBM ($492M).


If you pay a closer look at companies these days, then you’d find most of them aren’t good at using big data and garner benefits. However, the industry is having the potential of becoming next trillion dollars.


This thing indicates a surge in right skills, which you can acquire by going for certification courses and training of big data Hadoop.


There are many Hadoop institute in Delhi that turn desired students into Hadoop professionals by imparting training and classes. Hadoop training in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida proves to be beneficial for both professionals who want to enter this domain and students who want an aspiring career in it.


There is much more to garner from this next trillion dollars industry which is big data Hadoop.


Have you enrolled today? If not, do it now and be a certified professional to play with big data!


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