Data Analytics for a bit more Interesting Cricket Tournaments

Did you know Big Data plays an important role in Cricketing domain too? Yes, it’s true, the game of cricket too is a universe of data that can be analysed for greater insights.


Before any major tournament like World Cup Cricket or T20 World Cup takes place, experts mine around 40 years-worth (it could be more) of cricket data to produce insights that boost viewer’s experience in such tournaments.


One of the main objectives of the ICC (International Cricket Council) is to deliver real-time yet interesting storytelling statistics to fans through the WC app or website.


The ICC leverages SAP HANA cloud platform as well as SAP Lumira solution to assess statistics on player performance, score, profiles of the player and so on. This information is what being changed every 20 seconds. Yes, this is the reason you see on your TV screen the projected score.


Fans are obsessed with players hence; breaking down info on every player’s performance is the top priority for the International Cricket Council. In one data analysis practice, ICC declares top 10 bowlers and batsmen. They create elements and criteria to assess the players on their performance.


These include the total runs a player made, timeframe of scoring runs, total 4s and 6s and the times a batsman scored less than 10 runs.

Based on the analysis we are able to see a world record for the very first time in the history of World Cup. Let’s talk about last year’s (2015) Cricket World Cup.


The ICC and SAP had gone through the last year’s World Cup data to check how important a team’s bowler is in claiming the victory. India, South Africa and New Zealand have dismissed teams many times during the tournament. This is what made them the favourite teams likely to win the World Cup.


It had been predicted that the team having a well-equipped bowling line-up will win the tournament than the one with power-packed batting line-up.

The ICC and SAP also dug data to explore similarities between popular players by the help of seven different characteristics.

The ICC and SAP also used data to find similarities between skilled players using seven different characteristics. In 2015’s World Cup it was found that nations that aren’t dominant cricket nations for example, Ireland and UAE, were said to have strong performing players with same characteristics.


The ICC and SAP wanted to not just use that data for offering interesting stats to cricket fans but also enhance team performance as well as strategies out on the field, to boost a particular team’s winning chance. Foretelling analytics is key to success as it predicts particular results for conditions that happen in the game, looking at previous patterns in data & issuing in many variables.


For instance, a particular player is more likely to hit more runs at the start of his innings than taking time to settle. Having an idea of this question gives a particular team insight to think again over their strategy for the next match.


Not just this but ICC is also planning to dig through social media data in near future to get insights into what cricket fans are most interested in.

This way, we see Big Data Hadoop is really important in the cricketing world too.

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