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If we look at the current trends in business models, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence is the name. Artificial Intelligence or AI is the most interesting development. It is quite an extensive concept which involves interesting technologies and learning. AI is definitely the future of the business and industrial development.Madrid Software Trainibgs in association with industry experts provides complete Big data hadoop training in Delhi.

AI has seamlessly been pervasive in our daily lives. You experience it even without knowing it. It helps in making smart decisions by incorporating all the significant aspects related to the businesses. For example, when you select your shopping cart on an Ecommerce website, it shows the suggested picks also depending upon what you are looking for. This is AI. Its functionality depends upon the availability of the data and how accurate is the predicted analysis.


Artificial Intelligence has two major components

*Automation- It is nearly in every industry and sector, be it transportation, utilities, defense and facility operations and most importantly manufacturing. With many required tasks being laborious and intensive or recurring, the advent of automated machinery has improved efficiency and also created greater quality control.


*Intelligence- An agent or a function acts intelligently when it is flexible to changing environment and goals and also functions appropriately to the goals and circumstances.


Various application of AI

Game Playing- Most games are played using a well-defined set of rules. This makes it easy to generate the search space. The board configuration used in playing these games is easily present in computer. For solving large and complex AI problems, it requires lots of techniques.


Natural Language Understanding- The main goal of this problem is we can ask the question to the computer in our mother tongue and the system can receive that particular language and then gives the response within the same language. The effective use of a computer has involved the use of a programming language and a set of commands that we must use to communicate with the computer. The aim of natural language processing is to enable people and language such as English to understand better.


Rescue Operation- Victims of floods, earthquakes or other natural disasters could be anywhere but new AI technology is helping first to search them quickly. AI permits computer programmers to write basic algorithms that can examine extensive footage and find missing people in a lesser time. Also, AI algorithms can examine through the social media sites to inform about missing people.


Cyber Security- Finding bugs and attacks on computer code is a manual process and very difficult. But AI appears to be going well against this challenge. It can search for defects and respond to them timely and effectively.


What actually is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is a science and technology based on varying disciplines such as Biology, Psychology, Linguistic, Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science. Out of all these, one or more than one areas contribute towards the building Intelligent system. 

Every day, data scientists, analysts, and technology experts invest time, energy, and resources into big data analysis. Using ttraditional methods can be time consuming and not so accurate. They are restricted by their framework. The real potential of Big Data will come out after applying Artificial Intelligence to it. Applying AI to Big Data analytics can help businesses detect correlations between technological factors. It can also enable organizations to deal with the speed at which information is changing in the business world today. Also known as machine learning, AI adds an intelligence layer to big data to tackle complex analytical tasks much faster than humans could ever hope to. It will ultimately more than compensate for the shortage of analytical resources we are facing today.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is preparing itself as an essential piece of technology by forming solutions from a wide range of data across the web and in various formats from Maps, to visual items, GEO-special information and subject matter expertise.


When the data sets keep on increasing, it becomes quite difficult to handle it effectively. AI allows organizations to add a level of intelligence to their Big Data analytics to understand complex issues quicker than humans. It can provide new solutions and insights that could be missed or naked to the human eye. The potential of Big Data is in its ability to solve business problems and provide new business opportunities and solutions.


The confluence of big data with AI has emerged as the most important development that is shaping the future of how firms generate business value from their data and analytics capabilities. The availability of greater volumes and sources of data is enabling capabilities in AI and machine learning that remained latent for decades due to lack of data availability, limited sample sizes, and an inability to analyze huge amounts of data in nanoseconds. Digital capabilities have moved data from batch to real-time, on-line, all time available access. With this, the Big Data enables an organization to learn at a fast pace.


Machine learning and automation will create innovative options countless human-based tasks, and the market will experience enormous explosion in the coming years as the so-called ‘Digital Revolution’ will be in trend. 


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