How Big Data Analytics is been used in the world of Sports

How Big Data Analytics is been used in the world of Sports


The way Big Data provides complete insights; it has paved a way for itself to be embraced by almost every industry in the world. As compared to yesteryears, companies and businesses are now more capable of uncovering customer preferences. It has also helped marketing managers analyze the market trends along with many advantages. Do you know all these have a direct impact on the better customer service and business opportunities?


Although for many industries the concept of Big Data isn’t a new one at presence, finding its presence in sports is really a new one. Though it has been there since a few years, the whole perspective got changed by the movie and the book with the name ‘Moneyball’. It’s the first popular utilization of statistics as well as data that changed the way personal decisions were taken in the professional sports.

We can take an example of the use of analytics in the Oakland Athletics baseball team, which later made it a relevant thing in sports.


How Big Data Analytics is a game changer in the world of Sports?

Gone are the days when Big Data was considered nothing but a waste of storage space, thanks to the expansion of technology in every sector that this vast amount of data can now be analyzed via powerful computers and solutions for special purposes. Now it’s possible to predict the success rate of a player based on his/her performance and even foresee that player’s potential to shine as a rising star in upcoming future. This era is something where technology can be wear and sensors can be integrated into any device that makes it possible for analysts to collect data from a number of sources. The advance analytics at present lets you see how ball curves through Lionel Messi’s free kick. Even you can see the angle clearly at which the ball moves!


Wearable technology is nothing like a mystery for known sports brands like Adidas or Nike. They are into wearable technology that gives real-time stats including heart rate, speed and even hydration level. Although major leagues have been kept away from the use of wearable technology, still it can be used in training sessions to better understand the fitness level of players in real time. FIFA by slightly altering its rule has allowed players to use such techniques, but has warned not to use it during the game. This data can easily be compared to historical data to check whether the player needs a substitute or not. This technology has also helped manifold in cutting back injury rates in rugby and American football.  


The sporting world is also being evolved by the on-field technologies and sensors that are used to gather the data. A single swinging of a tennis racquet and the spin of a baseball can help you collect millions of data. The tactics that the opponents are going to applied can easily be analysed with the help of Big Data that in turn helps you predict the possible face offs between the teams. This technique also helps you improve you improve your team’s performance by checking out loopholes in the playing team.


Just like game, coaching too has gained a lot of benefits from Big Data analytics. There are big clubs like Portland Trail Blazers and Chelsea that use coaching apps to help players understand the games and tactics best. With this big data solution one can easily review the previous game and predict what tactics would earn brownie points in next match.


Big Data Analytics is Revolutionizing the Gaming World

In case you’re looking for big data training institute in Delhi, I would say, enroll yourself today to harness the potential this field has to offer. Gradually, big data is becoming an important part of sporting clubs/ teams that literally means immense job opportunities.


Let’s talk about an example in gaming world of Football. In 2014 Football World Cup, Germany won the cup. How? Well, the answer is through big data analytics. As the team is of world class players managed by an experienced coach, the role of analytics as their secret man cannot be overlooked. They partnered with the biggest name in German software, SAP, to create an analysis tool for further insights in the game. They reviewed their rivals’ data, went through their performance and improved their game. They played quicker game and stunned Brazil by 7-1 goals in the final match.

It’s just one example; however there are many other sports like basketball, cricket, soccer, etc. in which big data analytics is playing a bigger role than ever.

Although big data analytics is being used as a weapon, but still there is a wide gap between sports and big data analytics that’s retaining the excitement.


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