How Uber is using the power of Machine Learning?

In today’s world technology is increasing day by day which drastically affects the solution to our problems. The expansion of technology makes our daily life easy and also increases our productivity to achieve our business goals.

Technologies such as Machine Learning, AI, IoT, etc has tremendously increased to solve real-time problems and give a feasible and accurate solution.

As humans have been learning from their previous experience and implementing it for millions of years. In today’s era robot and machines needs to be trained/programmed in order to work like humans in order to solve problems. 

In this article we will learn the following things as listed below:

1) What is Machine Learning and how it works?
2)Types of Machine Learning
3) Use cases and Real-time examples where ML is used?
4)How Uber is using the power of Machine Learning?

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is defined as a subset of Artificial Intelligence and mainly focuses on the design of the system that can learn by themselves and make predictions based on some experience which is data in the case of the machines.

The artificial intelligence technique which uses statistical methods to improve their experience.

The Machine learning algorithm works from their past instances of data that have been analyzed through the statistical techniques and based on the learned data they provide us the predicted results.

How does Machine Learning work?

The Machine Learning algorithm is trained using the training data set so it can create a model.

The ML algorithm analyzes data and after that it finds patterns and once the data patterns are found it performs the predictions and then stores the feedback.

Types of Machine Learning

Machine Learning is categorized into 3 types:

1)Supervised Learning

2)Unsupervised Learning

3)Reinforcement Learning

1)Supervised Learning

In this type of learning the algorithm is trained and once the model is trained it can make decisions/predictions when the new data is given to it.
It can be said as the learning is to be guided by a professor. We have set of database which acts as a professor and its role is to guide/train the model or machine.

2)Unsupervised Learning

In this type of learning the algorithm, it learns through the observations and finds the Data.

Once the model/ machine is given the data it will automatically find the patterns and performs and it creates the clusters through the given dataset.

3)Reinforcement Learning

This type of learning performs the Hit and Trial method. It is used in autonomous industries like cars and robotics.

The aim is to reach a goal in a dynamic environment.

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Use cases and Real-time examples where ML is used

Use cases of Machine Learning
It is used in various sectors such as Banking, Healthcare, Fintech, Insurance,  Marketing, Oil and Gas and public sectors.

Real-time examples where ML is used

  • Hey Siri-Apple’s pride
  • Yelp’s photo classifier
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Maps
  • Pinterest
  • PayPal
  • Netflix
  • Uber
  • Spotify

How Uber is using the power of Machine Learning?

The simple things it looks from out are the more complex logic that is inside. The Uber has made very easy for a user to be punctual. For that, they owe to use the 

Machine Learning Algorithms the Uber uses to determine the arrival time and the pick-up location.

The technology processes the trips made earlier and uses these data to estimate the result that applies to the trip.

The Uber’s Machine Learning Platform is called Michelangelo. This platform covers the entire ML workflow: the engineers at Uber benefit from automatic data management, training, analysis, and predictions.

The same ML platform is implemented in the Ubereats to estimate how long it will take to prepare the meal and deliver it to the user’s destination.

Uber shared their ML Project Workflow, detailing the different feedback loops within that flow:

  • Define a problem
  • Prototype the solution
  • Productionizing the solution
  • Measure the impact of the solution

Uber uses their ML platform, Michelangelo, to enable innovation across multiple products and services, establishing ML in a large enterprise is a non-trivial process.

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