How you can boost your career by learning responsive website designing.


While web designing needs a pretty mind full of creativity, it never fails to spin immense career opportunities for people. Nowadays, people well-versed in responsive web designing are in demand and you know what, companies are hiring such professionals on attractive paycheque!

Yes, you heard it right. You can boost your career by learning responsive website designing, which is taking the market by storm these days.

It’s perhaps not surprising that mobile usage has been on the boom over last a couple of years. In fact, the ratio of mobile users will surpass the ratio of desktop users in near future. But the irony is that majority of business sites do not have mobile-friendly websites. This isn’t just causing a headache for tech-savvy users, but also causing a loss of business opportunities, which companies are aware of completely.  That’s why companies are joining the bandwagon of a mobile-friendly website and hiring professionals proficient in responsive website designing.

Difference between Mobile & Responsive Design

There are two foremost methods for creating a mobile-friendly site- Mobile Templates and Responsive Design. The responsive design needs you to just have a site that is coded to adjust to all screen size irrespective of the device it’s being used on.

Contrary, a mobile template is entirely a separate entity that needs you to have a second mobile only site or sub-domain. These are also built for specific needs, not to per screen size. This leads to certain issues.

Responsive website design has been by far the widely used technique to design a mobile website. Below are certain reasons that advocate the need for a responsive site and responsive website designers.

Mobile Usage is Skyrocketing

Did you know more than 20\\% of Google searches are performed on mobile devices? In United States, about 25\\% of users access the internet on mobile. 61\\% customers have a better opinion regarding brands when they are offered a superior mobile experience. 25.85\\% of all emails are accessed through mobiles and 10.16\\% are on tablets. These statistics suggest how mobile usage has been skyrocketed these days. Now you can see potential growth in responsive website designing and professionals as well.

Good User Experience is the Key

Remember not all websites are user-friendly and on mobile, it’s tricky. If a user lands on your mobile-friendly site and gets frustrated, 61\\% chances are the customer will hop onto another website soon after. However, if a user gets positive experience on your mobile site, there are 67\\% chances that he/she will buy your product or use your service. Hence, companies are in the race to give customers a user-friendly mobile experience that has increased the demand for professionals experienced in responsive website designing and development.

Responsive Design is Ideal for SEO

In June 2012, it has been declared from Google’s side that it prefers responsive designs over mobile templates. Having a single URL helps Google bot to crawl your website and avoids the chances of on-page SEO errors. Now you must be aware why companies are looking forward to responsive design.

A Speedy Responsive Website is the Need of the Hour

If we observe the Google PageSpeed then we find that the content above the fold on a mobile device is loaded within 1 second & the complete page gets loaded under 2 seconds. In the case of loading a desktop site on a mobile device, it’s really impossible. Users don’t want to wait for the page to be loaded. This way it’s evident that they will jump to other sites. That’s why companies are seeking professionals who can design a speedy responsive website.

Responsive is Adjustable to Future Devices

One of the major advantages of a responsive website is that the size of the template is made keeping in mind the size of the screen, not the device. It means your website will be visible on any mobile device right from a small-screen to large-screen mobile devices. So in coming future as new devices are supposed to be used for web browsing, your responsive website is going to attract many potential customers.

Now you know why companies are looking forward to adapting to the needs of customers and why they are transforming their sites into mobile-friendly sites. A course in responsive website designing will land you on the surface of immense opportunities. What you all need is a specialist course from a recognized institution and creativity. So, enroll yourself for a responsive website designing course today as it’s going to give your career a much-needed boost!


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