Implement these tips and turn your big data into big success!

Implement these tips and turn your big data into big success!

50 billion dollars and counting, this is about how much marketers are investing in Big Data and cutting-edge analytics so as to improve the impact of marketing on the business.


This spending shows the Big Data trend expanding in the market. Everywhere from telecom to travel, media to marketing, big data is stretching its wings. The search engine includes the examples of hundreds of big data success stories along with a few from Fortune 500 companies.


Hence, we know that big data is becoming bigger with each passing day and the only way to convert it for our success is to mastering the trend.

In this blog, we have mentioned 5 quick tips to use this solution for bigger success across industries. Keep these tips in your mind, and hit the big data world with complete strategy…


Think if Your Processing Power is Good Enough: Every company has a repository of massive data that keeps on growing with each passing minute. Before you start making most out of this data or start converting it into valuable assets, make sure you have a good processing power ready. How are you going to process that data? There are systems, super computers out there to process your data. What you need to do is track that data and ensure you have the bandwidth and ability to handle these systems efficiently.


Stay Open to Changes – Plan for Long Term: With big data around, you cannot stay limited to present day. Every minute, the data is turning bigger and bigger. And so is the technology emerging every minute. The tools, methods and best practices at present are good but what may come tomorrow will be something better than this. Maintain a flexible business intelligence that is open to new ideas and products. Have a plan for long term & and embrace newer changes and best practices from the industry.


Hadoop along with Warehouse – Does it Sound strange: Well this combination is great for businesses. While data warehouse is meant for important & structured data, Hadoop involves all the unstructured data that you can analyse for future use for future purposes. Data warehouse is not as good as hadoop at analytic processing. Together this combination is going to work great.


Not Just Store Data but Store it Securely: You must pay more attention on security when it comes to putting up your big data in place in organizations. Understand the risks involved in data, make out the common attacks and manage security to safeguard the same. Be it encryption or authentication you store, keep it protected. Securing big data might neither be pricey nor complicated. It counts on how smartly you develop your big data ecosystem.

The organizational pricing of data breach is 5.4 million or 136 dollar per lost record.


Don’t overlook the Natural Instincts: Though technology is cutting-edge you should never overlook the natural instincts of finding out flaws and knowing patterns. There are visual exploration tools that you can use to find timely information. Visualise data analysis as it treats every data in a different way that is important because different data needs different approach.

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