IT Party is over, Now’s the time to reinvent or die

So, the IT party time is over. Now’s the time to reinvent or die, and without a doubt many would choose the option number one, after all, who wanna die!

IT sector is dynamic. Every day, every month and every year, we get to see latest additions in this sector. It’s completely a dynamic sector has an ocean of opportunities for each aspiring candidate who wants to make a career in it. With the emergence of technology, “Cloud Computing” is no more an unfamiliar phase for us. Within a few years, the use of cloud computing has increased within the companies, which has given rise to innumerable jobs in domains like- Android App Development, Big Data Hadoop, Software Testing and more.

But, wait a minute. Are you on the right cloud career path? Do you have certain skills much needed in cloud computing? If you are attempting to navigate your cloud careers, you must take specific paths, and understand certain skills sets that are valued more than others in this sphere.

In a research, it has been estimated that 2015 will see a major boom in IT cloud services which will yield about 14 million jobs worldwide. The study also reveals that India, China, USA, Brazil and Indonesia will lead this growth scenario for new positions capable of supporting public & private cloud solutions. The average salary for IT professionals with skills in cloud computing is about $90,950.

Unleashing Big Data Technology

If we consider the current market trends, then we’ll find that Hadoop and Big Data technology are growing by leaps and bounds. They have high market demands as well. With cloud system’s inception, a surge of interest in Big Data is encouraging many Development Team Managers to adopt this technology. Hadoop is increasingly becoming an important component of Big Data applications hence, a blooming career for professionals in this domain is awaiting! This needs a particular set of skills when dealing with this technology is vital.

Demand for Computer System Analyst with expertise in Big Data has increased by 89.9\% in last couple of months, and 85.40\% for Computer & Information Research Scientists.

Big Data is revolutionizing the market and is becoming a part of just about every industry. It is expanding its reach into business in a big way, hence creating innumerable opportunities. Businesses & industries looking for tech professionals with Big Data expertise include: retailers, food manufacturers, gaming, consulting companies, consumer finance, online travel and insurance companies.

In simple words the big data revolution is producing a new breed of business-IT jobs.Madrid Software Trainings provides Big Data Hadoop Training in Delhi in association with industry experts.

A Sparkling Career Ahead in Android App Development

Brands all over the world are rushing ahead at breakneck speed to have their apps on Android Operating System. And, the good news is that this has opened up huge job opportunities in the sphere of Android.

Android development is a big career boost as the OS based on this platform is flexing its muscles in the mobile realm and it won’t be wrong to speculate that jobs for Android app development may even surpass big players’ market. The Android Applications platform is going to boom in the current IT field. This isn’t just limited to the mobile app development, but also has promising scope in hardware solutions such as Android customization, optimization, device drivers, and so on.

At present, the job market for Android programming is gaining momentum at a fast pace. Moreover, there is a lack of talent in this buzzing field and soon, major or can say big players of the industry will make a beeline for skilled Android development professionals. So, for those who want to make a career in this field, getting enrolled in a reputed institute will serve the purpose & help them hone their skills.

The skills you need for Android App Development

While most Android apps are written in Java, an aspiring or an adept android professional should have the fundamental knowledge of HTML, Java along with other general technical skills. Proficiency in OOP (Object Oriented Programming) would be a plus point. Above this, getting trained in a good institute will surely help such aspirants cope with the demands of the job market.

How can you choose a Cloud Career Path?

If we talk about the career in this domain then there are two types of roles emerging as hot cakes.

  • First one is of IT pros with specific cloud skills and
  • The second one is of IT admins with proficiency in the cloud architecture.

These are not only the positions eyed by professionals with cloud computing know how, but the IT industry is availing an ocean of jobs for freshers too.

Companies that demand specific cloud computing skills or development skills are in fact already dedicated to a particular cloud provider, such as Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS). These positions are usually joined to emerging DevOps automation tools as well as processes and often in recently created enterprise groups.

As Docker and container technology is trending, there is a demand for experience or knowledge for building portable apps with containers as well.

Docker knowledge is one of the highly sought skills, as most of the companies facilitating cloud computing services adopt this technology. A knowledge or skill set in container-clustering technology, for example, Google’s Kubernetes and Docker Swarm systems, is also luring recruiters.

Lately, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform have shown fabulous growth rates, beyond AWS in some respects. This simply means a boom in job openings that focus on Microsoft and Google. It demonstrates a trend that will likely continue as enterprises adopt a mix of public cloud providers. However, names like HP, IBM, CenturyLink, and Verizon are still in the loop, which simply means a win-win situation for applicants as these generate demand for jobs related to their own cloud platforms!

Build the Cloud along with your Career

Companies embracing the cloud solutions and having cloud architect positions search for people who can define the cloud- from business necessities to the actual cloud deployment. These positions tend to be with those companies that have yet to classify their path to cloud solutions and need some help. These companies may be defining the use of existing private as well as public clouds, or creating cloud from the ground up.

Normally posted as “Cloud Architect” or “Cloud Solution Architect,” the position of cloud architecture needs strategic knowledge of most cloud computing technology & providers. It also needs skills to build these clouds to fit enterprise needs as well as goals.

Those planning to make a career in the cloud architecture domain should have experience in enterprise architecture and/or service-oriented architecture. A little knowledge of proper cloud computing technology related use is also required. And as far as salary is concerned, it ranges from $150,000 to $250,000 per annum, depending upon the expertise and location.

Bag More Job Opportunities with Cloud Certifications and Trainings

The rise of jobs in cloud solutions is the sole reasons for the “Dawn” of Cloud Computing Training and Cloud Certification programs. You can horn your skills and get a worth paying job in this field through training and certifications from renowned institutes.

The cloud certification programs involve:

  • AWS Certification
  • Microsoft Azure Certifications
  • Google Cloud Platform CloudAcademy
  • VMware Certified Professional (VCP)
  • Certified Cloud Professional (CCP)
  • IBM Certified Solution Architect -- Cloud Computing Infrastructure
  • IBM Certified Solution Advisor -- Cloud Computing Architecture

Although skills are something that goes beyond, the popularity of these programs tend some employers to ask for certification. What you learn in the classroom and what you implement in reality are two different things. To create a balance between classroom’s instructions and necessity at the workplace, you need specific training programs, which train professionals and freshers alike to tackle the challenges.

Those with a consistent motivation to learn & keep up with the latest trends, actually do better, and hence plunge into the ocean of opportunities the cloud computing including Big Data Hadoop has to provide. Certification and training programs polish your skills and further help you find a better job in this domain.

Essential skills you need to have for a flourishing career as a Cloud-Savvy IT professional

Other than what we have suggested above, you need a certain skill-set as well which includes:

  • Technical skills
  • Business and financial skills
  • Project management skills
  • Contract and vendor negotiation
  • Data integration and analysis skills
  • Security and compliance
  • Enterprise architecture and business needs analysis
  • Mobile app development and management

This way we find that investing in cloud computing skills & knowledge is     a wise career move. While the world of cloud computing is changing too fast, professionals need up-to-date certifications and training programs to stay ahead of the competition.


Hone your skills under a training institute

At a time when there is no dearth of online tutorials regarding any subject, you might be thinking why would you opt to enroll in a training institute for Big Data Hadoop, Cloud Solutions or Android Programming? The funda is simple. The live training programs or experience helps you exploit your creative skills practically. Having the knowledge of technical stuff is one thing and implementing that knowledge into reality is a different thing. If you want to gain proficiency in any of the above said technology, you must enroll for a live training program. Since these solutions are gaining momentum, classroom training makes it a real-time experience for all those who want to have efficient skills in the subject.

So, get ready to surf this big wave of cloud computing, Big Data Hadoop and Android App Development with right skills, analytics, and attitude! Get your surfboard and go to the pipeline where the ocean of opportunities is waiting for you!



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