Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in healthcare industry

Medical devices are being powered by Artificial Intelligence. Blood sugar tests, eye tests, heartbeat rate, and other diseases can now be easily done through A.I and Machine learning. Various tools are already being used for diagnoses and scientists are working on introducing more machines that can work in the healthcare sector. According to reports by Economic Times, ‘Japanese technology firm NTT Data services tied up with Pune’s Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital to find a solution on emphysema diagnosis.’


With more and more hospitals and companies collaborating to find solutions in the healthcare sector. It will become easy to detect chronic diseases like breast cancer, lung cancer or kidney diseases at an early stage. Machine Learning was introduced long back in hospitals but with today’s innovative technology will bring a revolution. Madrid Software Trainings in association with industry experts provides machine learning courses in Delhi to students and working professionals.


The major focus revolves around detecting cancer at an early stage so that incidence-to-mortality rate remains lower. The other reason being the high cost of treatment. According to Ey reports, 55% and 11% of breast cancer cases are reported late in India and the UK respectively. This is why technology companies are looking forward to finding solutions with the help of Machine Learning so that cancer-related deaths are minimized.


The other major change would be creating smartphones with a virtual weighing machine that would allow workers that would allow workers to screen babies with low weights to improve the health of children. Early detection of weight will enable doctors to lower the cases of malnutrition which is a major cause of children’s death in India.


These innovations may majorly work for detecting one type of disease but most of their tools can be extended to detect the other disease too.


Surprisingly, the first use of Machine Learning in medical science was in the 1960’s and 1970’s. The prime aim of using Machine learning in the medical world is to provide an outcome that bridges the gap between prevention and treatment as most of the machines work to detect diseases at an early stage. Use of Machine learning in healthcare will also lower the cost and ensure accuracy in diagnosis with accurate prevention.


Another major change would be the inn vote of virtual nurse which will work just like smart speakers. The nurse assistants will answer questions and reduce visits to hospitals and doctors. This step with the of M.L will keep a check on wellness, reduce medical stress and the greatest part will be that it will be available 24X7.


More such personalised machines will be introduced. The virtual nurse assistant is of them and we really look forward to it. However, let’s not forget to mention some already available personalised machines like diabetes checking machines, B.P machines, digital thermometer, and so which help us check ourselves in lesser time and one-time investment.


There is a limitless door that open and that can be opened for Machine Learning in healthcare.


Introduction of new M.L technology also helps in maintaining updated health records which very exhausting for manual record makers. Therefore, smart records will not only reduce the processing time but also cost and labour.


Radiotherapy is another useful field to use Machine Learning in healthcare. With the help of machines, it becomes really easy to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy tissue. The other benefit is that it can be easily detected at any particular time which generally is not possible at low cost and take a lot of time.


Computerised eye tests are one of the biggest examples we can use right now of M.L in healthcare. Companies like LensKart are using their app to show customers how a given set of glasses will look at them. Doctors and clinics have adopted eye tests done by machine which give accurate result in lesser time.


Another major path-breaking innovation of Machine Learning is the outbreak prediction. Doctors can now easily predict the outbreak of infectious diseases. With the help of satellites, internet updates, etc. doctors can access a large amount of data. This way we stay updated on diseases like malaria, H1N1, and other infectious diseases.


Machine learning also helps in discovering and manufacturing drugs. It can help in finding different paths for therapy. As doctors will be able to diagnose diseases at an early stage, the discovery of drugs will help in better treatment and reduce the cost of manufacturing.


Innovations in healthcare by M.L will keep on coming and conquering the medical world. However, one has to keep in mind that there wouldn’t be any loss of jobs this is not industrialisation. This will only reduce the cost and time taken for detecting and treating diseases. We are surrounded by examples of M.L magic.

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