Most Rewarding Career Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence

Multiple job opportunities are coming up in the field of AI where you can expect a huge reward as well. Let’s learn more about the hottest jobs in artificial intelligence.

  1. Machine Learning Engineer

As a ML engineer, you need to apply the modern data mining and machine learning techniques to enhance the product search capability. It also involves recommendation relevance. While learning about AI from a reputed artificial intelligence institute in Delhi, you will learn how to design and build ML systems which process and then classify the internet-scale content.

By using machine learning, graph analysis and natural language processing, you need to evaluate potential improvements and pay attention to validate and productionize the specified strategies. Building and optimizing tools, systems and validation strategies are other responsibilities that a ML engineer is expected to shoulder. A ML engineer also uses Big Data technologies like Hadoop, Spark and Storm to create large scale data mining pipelines.

You need to have experience working on production machine learning systems at data mining, scale, ranking, search and recommendations. It is better if you have knowledge of an object-oriented programming language like Java, C++ or Python and experience in Hadoop, MapReduce and distributed systems.

  1. Data Scientist

As a Data Scientist, you need to do the most important thing, which is to follow the data. You are responsible for analyzing, visualizing, and model job search data. You will be responsible for building and implementing ML models to create timely decisions. A Data scientist has access to unmatched resources within company to grow and develop professionally.

While undergoing your artificial intelligence training in Delhi, you will know that an ideal candidate for the data scientist job is one who is a blend of scientist, engineer and machine learning expert. You should have passion for building and improving internet-scale products which are informed by data. Basically, you should understand human behavior and based on that know what to find in the data.

Besides educational qualification in any of these fields like statistics, mathematics or computer science, you should have couple of years’ experience in data science. It is good to hold expertise in machine learning as well as statistical modeling. You should be equipped with strong coding ability in Python and are enthusiastic about answering product or engineering questions with data.

The ideal candidate should have rich experience in data collection, analysis, visualization, aggregation, product ionization besides monitoring of data science products. It is good to have proficiency in small data modeling work like R, Python, Octave or Julia and same applies to big data modeling work like Pig, Hadoop, Spark or Scale. You should be able to deploy data science solutions like Java, Python and C++.

  1. Research Scientist

It is another exciting job role in the field of AI where you need to solve research problems through a long process. The process involves prototyping, implementation, measurement and of course, iteration. You should be able to work closely with members of Applied ML team to enhance models and introduce products to market depending on your research.

At artificial intelligence institute in Delhi, you get to learn about the responsibilities of a research scientist. He should be adding new capabilities to existing product lines of a company. You should be proficient in rapid prototyping as well as quick experimentation. Besides, you should be capable of writing code which other can understand, extend and adopt.

Research scientists are anticipated to follow best engineering practices like accurate for the stage of work like tracking work in source control, giving and then receiving code reviews as well as writing tests for your code. Generally, companies demand some experience before hiring a research scientist.

You should be well-versed with the machine learning techniques to a specific domain like computer vision, text or audio. You are required to develop a new model or transform an existing one. In some companies, you may need to collaborate with data scientists or ML engineers to help research into production. At times, you need to work on multiple projects at the same time; some of them may need your collaboration with applied ML team, researchers or engineers.

  1. Business Intelligence Developer

The BI Engineer is a great yet challenging role in the company. The candidate requires to be partnered with business and technology stakeholders, taking the establishment of an organization data model, strategy, architecture and roadmap.

BI Engineer also requires being able to have an end-to-end vision, and to observe how a logical design will change into one or more physical Databases, and the way Data will flow through the various stages involved. You should be able to address issues of data modeling for the motives of reporting and analysis.

During your artificial intelligence training in Delhi, you would learn about the various responsibilities which include designing, modeling, building and maintaining data for various complex and highly scalable cloud based data platforms. You should be able to create as well as maintain the enterprise data model at conceptual and logical level.

Defining standard metrics and measuring while establishing the data security, quality, load and performance models. A BI developer also performs build versus buy analysis on specific relevant solutions as well as technologies as required.

You are required to research and then troubleshoot data questions. It is also required to build tableau data extracts. For this role in AI, you need to have experience working with a Data pipeline product and rich experience in managing large data sets using SQL. Familiarity with Python, Apache Kafka, S3 and AWS Spectrum and Hadoop or AWS Elastic Map Reduce can bring you added advantage over other candidates.

  1. Computer Vision Engineer

In this role, you need to help the organization develop computer vision technologies as well as solutions. You get the opportunity to design, implement, and enhance cutting-edge algorithms. The ideal candidate should have in-depth understanding of computer vision along with machine learning techniques and outstanding programming skills. Besides, you should have interest in multimedia technologies and a strong desire to work in digital media technology.

If you are a good problem solver and critical thinker, you would easily get this job role. As a part of your responsibilities, you need to pay attention to the development of software components and tools and stay up-to-date in the scientific field. The ability to formulate and then implement novel ideas and solutions, you can be a creative partner of the organization.

At an artificial intelligence institute in Delhi, you will learn more about it. You are required to have two year experience in computer vision algorithms and ML techniques. Besides, it is required to have experience in ML toolboxes like Tensor Flow, Caffe and Theano.

In this role, you are required to have expert level knowledge of C, C++ and debugging techniques and have knowledge of data structures and algorithms.

  • R&D Engineer
  • Machine learning researcher
  • AI engineer
  • Data mining and analysis
  • Big Data Engineer

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