Smart Phones Using Machine Learning

A decade or two ago smartphones were an imaginary thing. It was a luxury to have them. The Internet started ruling and smartphones become a way to rule. However now, with Machine Learning algorithms we are really back in our abstract world. We can only imagine what we see, use and are about to use.

Phones now unlock with face ids and fingerprints. A 3D map of your image is created that helps the device to remember the shape of your face accurately. It works like a dot projector. Around 30,000 dots are marked and the image is stored and analysed from different angles.  Machine learning algorithms are not only used to record your face for unlocking your device but to also make the system aware and continuously learn the different expressions and recognize you in any look.

In-built virtual assistance are also the magic of machine learning. Virtual assistants like Siri and Google assistance work on NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithm of ML. It gives the machines the ability to hear and understand what is being said and accordingly answer it in a better way. These apps can make the mobile experience really awesome by continuously learning and providing results.

One of the major changes that machine learning has brought in smartphones is the transformation of photography. Face ID, better selfies all these are just a few perks it as given to the world of photography.

Cameras are no longer just lenses and a sensor; they are also a collection of algorithms that instantly manipulate images to achieve photographic results that would otherwise require hours of manipulation via desktop software. Photography has become computational photography.

Not to forget apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram; that connect people around the world. In apps like snapchat, you can click or record any moment and share in no time. The stories shared are deleted automatically after 24 hours, also the filters that we use insanely are an outcome of ML. It uses the ‘active shape model’ to detect your face and apply a filter on it in seconds. These filters create a 3D mask around your face so that even if you move or rotate your phone, the filter remains on your face.

Netflix is another big example of Machine Learning. It just knows what you want to watch even before you watch it. It is designed to give personalised recommendations. PayTM, Google pay are some other examples of Machine Learning apps, these apps help us in sending money from anywhere to anywhere.

“The relationship between humans and machines is better imagined as a partnership with machines employed to do work too repetitive or rudimentary for human intelligence, too dangerous for human well-being or too complex for human time. Human capability, on the other hand, has always excelled at fashioning such machines, creating meaning from the unfamiliar and in imaginative pursuits. In such an arrangement, technology does replace human effort, but only in areas where human effort is sub-optimal.”

It still sometimes sounds superficial that we can shop with a device in our hands! But this is our reality, e-commerce apps provide us with an experience we as kids wished for. Shopping while sitting at home and even wonder to get relevant recommendations. The predictions are real-time.

This also brings us to the food apps like zomato and swiggy that only let users to order food online but also track the order on its way to them. ML also predicts the weather and this is a really magically real feature. Checking phones to know if it will rain in the evening or not is a super-cool thing, isn’t it?

Many Machine Learning Institute in Delhi and other parts of the country teach the students about these interesting ways in which ML is being used in our smartphones making them smarter. Machine learning is really redefining the world.

There are many popular mobile apps that make use of ML. These apps are so smart that after only a few times of usage they can recommend you thing according to your need and searches. To have a deeper understanding of how all these apps work it is important to understand python library my brain which is highly used in ML. The best way is to get educated and develop an understanding of this fun yet complex field. Machine learning courses in Delhi are the best to learn different algorithms, tools, techniques and uses of Machine learning.

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