• Big Data- Contributing to the Success of Companies!

      Information is vital and it is present around us in various forms. Lots of information is produced every single day. Information plays an important role for people as well as companies. For companies, their survival in competitive environme


  • Discover Smart Ways of Technology with Artificial Intelligence!

    If we look at the current trends in business models, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence is the name. Artificial Intelligence or AI is the most interesting development. It is quite an extensive concept which involves interesting technologies and lea


  • Big Data- the Next Trillion Dollar Industry

    Big Data- the Next Trillion Dollar Industry Guess what? Big data is going to be the trillion dollar industry! We are not saying that, but the biggies and tycoons in the tech have said that. The researchers and known people have confirmed that it&r


  • Why video is the next big thing in big data

    Internet-connected devices, machines,social media , video sites like youtube and other software applications flood corporations with huge amount of information. The need to store, and make sense of all that data has led to big investments in data cen


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