Technology Billionaire Michael Dell pay $67 Billion for Big data firm EMC.

Technology Billionaire Michael Dell pay $67 Billion for Big data firm EMC.

Big Data is going to be the next trillion dollar tech industry as predicted by Michael Dell and he is investing billions in big data firm EMC making it the biggest tech acquisition in history.

Earlier we have smartphones and PCs. In today’s world we have tablets and sensors. As there is a boom in Internet Of Things (IOT) almost all kinds of products and machines are becoming digital products. In today’s digital world whenever a customer buy any product or services online or he can do any activity on the social media the data is captured. So one can imagine the gigantic volumes of data that is being generated every hour across the globe by billions of digital users.

The rise of social media, ecommerce and Internet Of Things (IOT) has led to this data explosion.

The reason why Michael Dell is investing billions in EMC because it is the biggest player in the enterprise computer storage industry.

EMC gains lots of attention because of this sudden increase in data. The company is now using low cost alternatives to store data with the help of new technologies developed by start-ups or using cloud computing like Amazon’s S3.

As Dell is seeing trillions in this big data industry, the acquisition of EMC plays a key role in Dell’s vision. From there the company can sell their business software, Consulting services and other stuff they need to use their data to make instant decisions.

Professionals can also upgrade their skill in big data to get the most out of this opportunity that is right there on their doorstep.

According to IDC report the 2.8ZB (Zettabytes) of data created in 2012 is expected to grow up to 40ZB by 2020. It is impossible to consume big data directly. To consume this data we need sophisticated and advance analytics technology like Hadoop.

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