Tips to become a Data Architect and Master required Skills

Tips to become a Data Architect and Master required Skills

With Big Data being taken as a hot cupcake, it has become important to update your knowledge. With this solution comes many roles and responsibilities, let’s talk about data architect.


What is data architect?

 A data architect is someone or can say a practitioner of big data architecture. It is an IT discipline concerned with creating, designing, deploying and handling the data architecture of a business.

If we talk about the role of a data architect, then we find that they are the people who define how a particular set of data will be stored, absorbed, integrated and handled by various data entities and IT systems. And any apps using or processing that data in another way.


Role & Responsibility of Data Architect

A data scientist develops analyses and administers data for organizations, schools and other firms. They should have advanced design and development abilities to collect data and interpret it for helpful information computer applications and systems can understand.

Most of the architects work in an office setting & little physical activity is required in the job. While much of their task is completed independently, some team formation may be required for specific projects. Data architects work full time. Sometime, they will have to do overtime as well.



For data architects, a bachelor’s degree is needed in information technology. Years of experience in the same domain is also needed.

If you want to become a data architect, consider having these qualifications.

Degree Level: Bachelor's degree

Degree Field: Information technology

Certification: Optional certification is available

Experience: Work experience in the IT field

Key Skills: Organizational; communication; creativity; multi-tasking; innovation; leadership; work pressure handling and time constraints; computer programming & software skills with programs like Access, Microsoft Excel, SQL, XML, Business Objects software, ETL, SOA, BI, ERP and Agile; data modeling.

Average Salary: $106,786 per year (Median salary as per July 2, 2015 for all data architects)


How can you become a data scientist?

Earn a Bachelor's Degree: If you’re an aspirant then a bachelor’s degree program in IT or a related stream can help you shape your career as a data architect. An IT degree program may involve coursework in database systems, web development, data management, operating systems, programming, system analysis, and technology architecture. These courses also include IT problem solving abilities.


Tip: Complete an internship, it’s important to have many years of experience to become an architect in data field.


Gain Work Experience: If you wanna be a data architect, then you will be requiring to have three to ten years of experience in IT domain. While there is no particular route to becomeone like that, potential candidates require skills in database development, design, modeling, management and warehousing. An entry level IT job in programming or database administration can help you gain the required experience as an architect.


Get Certified: Although there is no certification required for data architects, still earning a Certified Data Management Professional distinction can help you stand out from others and move ahead. Certification necessities need two years of work experience along with a bachelor’s degree.

So, consider these tips and move ahead on the path of data architects!



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