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There is no surprise to figure out that the amount of data generated on a day to day basis is overwhelming. In fact, the recent statistics suggest that 90 percent of the data of the world has been generated in just two years. From Web-browsing data trails, customer transactions, social network posts and machine-embedded sensors, it can be staggering. And you know what, it’s occurring on a global level!

To handle such a big data, Hadoop has been introduced. You must be wondering what is Hadoop and why it’s important for big data management.  Well, here is a quick overview. Hadoop is a platform developed by The Apache Software Foundation. It’s a well-liked open-source big data platform for distributed processing of big yet large datasets. It is one of the largely used platforms to build big data solutions. This big data management system offers easy scalability selections from a single system to thousands of machines & exploits commodity hardware that cut backs costs for companies.

How vast it has been spreading its wings, you can recognize it by going through the below mentioned list of Top 10 Companies in Big data Hadoop. Take a look-

Amazon: The Amazon Elastic MapReduce offers a managed, easy-to-use analytics platform, which has been built around the dominant Hadoop framework. Concentrate on your queries related to map/reduce and yield benefits from the broad settings of Hadoop tools, while deploying to a secure and high-scale infrastructure platform.

Cloudera: It develops open-source software for a world leaning on Big Data. With it, companies and other businesses can now work together with the largest data sets of the world at a speed of thought. They can even ask bigger questions in the pursuit of unveiling something implausible.

EMC2: Pivotal HD highlights native integration of EMC's industry leading Greenplum® extraordinarily parallel processing (MPP) database in the company of Apache Hadoop, the most cost-effective as well as flexible open-source Big Data platform ever developed! The latest EMC Greenplum-developed HAWQ technology offers 10 years of large-scale data management research & development to Hadoop & gives more than 100X performance enhancements when weigh against existing SQL-like services on top of the Hadoop structure, making Pivotal HD the single most dominant Hadoop distribution in whole industry till date.

Hortonworks: Here it has been observed that Hadoop is an enterprise workable data platform & that the most efficient platform to its deliverance within the open community. Hortonworks builds, distributes as well as supports a 100\% open-source distribution of Apache Hadoop which is truly enterprise grade & includes these three key principles- identify & introduce enterprise needs into the public domain, help the community to go forward and develop open source projects, and implement Enterprise Rigor to bring the most steady yet reliable distribution.

MapR: It brings on the promise of Hadoop with a certified, enterprise-grade platform, which backs a wide array of mission-critical & real-time production uses. It delivers unparalleled dependability, user-friendliness & world-record speed to NoSQL, Hadoop, database & streaming applications in a singular Big Data platform. MapR is implemented across retail, financial services, manufacturing, media, healthcare, government & telecommunication organizations and by top-most Fortune 100 & Web 2.0 companies too.

IBM: IBM InfoSphere BigInsights simplifies it for people to use Hadoop and build big data applications; it improves the open-source technology to go well with the demands of your enterprise, discovery, adding administrative, development, provisioning & security features together with superb analytical capabilities from IBM Research. The end result is that you obtain a more developer as well as user-friendly solution for complex & large-scale analytics.

Microsoft: Rapidly build a Hadoop cluster in a matter of time when you need it as well as delete it after your work is done. Pick the correct cluster size to optimize for time to cost or insight. Seamlessly incorporate HDInsight into your existing examination workflows with the help of Windows Azure Command-Line & Windows Azure Powershell interfaces.

Hadapt: The Adaptive Analytical Platform is the flagship product of this company that delivers a local application of SQL to the Apache Hadoop open-source project. By mingling the powerful and flexible architecture of Hadoop with a hybrid storage layer, which features relational data storage, it allows user-friendly SQL-based evaluation of big data sets. Hadapt 2.0 brings the first interactive application of the industry on Hadoop, through Interactive Query- the Hadapt Development Kit™ (HDK) for tailored analytics and incorporation with Tableau Software.

Datameer: The Big Data analytics application of this system for Hadoop certifies the fastest time to exploring insights in any data. Anybody can use its wizard-based data integration, drag and drop visualizations and iterative point-&-click analytics to get the insights that helps to move their business forward. Set up by Hadoop professionals in 2009, Datameer ranges from a laptop to thousands of nodes & is accessible for all important Hadoop distribution.

Adello: With AdCTRL, it developed advanced technology & tested as well as verified proprietary algorithms for real-time analytics, decisioning and user identification. Featuring different proven methods for device-recognition & running real-time analytics in the company of proprietary algorithms, AdCTRL is perhaps the first solution to consistently target cross-devices. With the omnipresence of latest devices the advantage of targeting consumer-base is clear and has become a necessity.

Now you’re familiar with top 10 companies in Big Data Hadoop that are proving to be beneficial in big data management across various industries.



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