What is Cloud Computing, How it works and what are the job opportunities


It’s time to polish your skills, reinvent your IT skills or stand aside and be a watcher nagging about the changing technology. Who do you wanna to be, the first one or the second?

IT industry is changing and it needs you to change or modify your skills with addition of latest technology know-how. Or else, you’ll find yourself struggling with career, while others bagging high-paying jobs, reaching at the top. Wake up, wake up, it’s a wakeup call for everyone out there!

Just as manual workers were substituted by the introduction of machines during 19th century, certain IT roles will be replaced by cloud computing. In near future, many roles managing IT infrastructure will all but a thing of past.

Cloud computing has taken the industries all across the world by storm, and guess what? Cloud computing certification as well as program has a lot in store when it comes to future job creation.

It is estimated that the technology based on cloud computing will produce about 14 million job opportunities all over the world in just three years! Surprisingly enough, the scope of novel jobs may go beyond the IT sector.

As cloud computing is abuzzing around, let’s find out what actually is it, how it works and what are the job opportunities?

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a latest type of computing in which companies and individuals store as well as access data, utilize application software & execute other tasks on the Web- tasks that the companies could only do on their own PC in the past.

Cloud computing lets users, at different locations, share software, resources as well as other content irrespective of the physical possession of the resources. It also helps to store massive amount of data that would fill the hard drives of companies and individuals. It means storage and managing resources won’t be a problem in cloud computing. With an online connection you can perform cloud computing anywhere, anytime.

Cloud Computing for Businesses & Individuals

Don’t be confused but be clear here. Cloud computing impacts both individual customers- those of us being at the comfort of our home or in small to mid-sized organisations and use the internet continually.

When it comes to businesses, there is completely a different ‘cloud’. Some businesses look forward to SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), where the company subscribes to an application it avails or access over the Web. There is also PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) where companies can create their own custom apps for use. And, who can forget the huge Iaas (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), where giant players like Microsoft, Amazon, Rackspace and Google facilitate a backbone to other companies to be rented out.

If you wanna Fit into IT Industry, LEARN CLOUD!

Gone are the days when people used to think IT industry won’t reinvent. The industry has shown a tremendous transformation, hence needing you to transform your skills too. Madrid Software Trainings provides Cloud Computing Training in Delhi on all the major platforms.

The market is buzzing with cloud computing jobs, most of which require deep knowledge around a specific technology, for example, OpenStack, Amazon Web Services, Azure, and more. This is generally due to the fact that the companies have adapted themselves to cloud technology. I would refer these jobs as cloud technology specialists, in that they concentrate on a particular cloud technology, implementation, development, management, and more.

Other jobs related to this would be architecture or planning positions, usually around the configuration of latest systems in the cloud or shifting of current systems to the cloud. They are called cloud planners. While I would tell you candidates for this position are in demand, in most cases the listings are occupied by existing IT candidates who understand completely that having cloud computing experience in their Resume/ CV attracts larger paychecks afterwards.

Those looking for a big breakthrough in cloud computing can score a century even in a “20-20 match” by learning a particular technology, then bagging a cloud technology specialist job. And, the ultimate mantra is enrolling for an initial cloud computing training & certification program.

Are you too ambitious? You can begin your own “shadow IT” projects by using a hot cloud computing solution. Soon you’ll find your way to a high-paying cloud gig!

Although, those looking for higher-level jobs in domains like cloud planner & architects won’t get many options, but they can be found in near future. If you want to prepare for these jobs, then start plunging into everything about this technology using use cases & existing architectural best practices as well as approaches.

Remember, cloud computing is creating n-number of job opportunities, much like any other hyped & buzzing technology trend you’d have seen in the past.

And be assured of the jobs you get as these will last for many- many years!

So, when are you going to get yourself enrolled for cloud computing?



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