Who are Data Scientists and what their Job is ?

Who are Data Scientists and what their Job is?

Did you know data scientists have been billed as the ‘most excellent job of 21st Century’? But, who are Data Scientists and what their job is? Let’s dig it out in detail.

By now, pretty much everybody has the idea that Big Data is the next ‘Big Thing’ to transform the way we work, live and communicate. But, have you ever thought who manages the Walmart database containing more than 2.5 petabytes of data or who analyses the 48 hours of video uploads at YouTube every minute?

For every Big Data handling or issue, the solution lies in the hands of the data scientist. The role of the data scientists is same as to the Wall Street “quants” of the 80s & 90s, at present this data experience is tasked with the management of database earlier thought challenging to handle, & too unstructured to retrieve any value.

The most attractive job of 21st Century

Thomas Davenport and D. J. Patil are the veterans who brought data scientists into the spotlight in their Harvard Business Review article published in October 2012. Job trends from various job portals confirm the rise in the popularity for the data scientist position, revealing that the number of job postings for this position boomed by 15,000\\% between 2011 & 2012.

Data Scientist

A data scientist is someone who is analytical, who can gawk at data and find out trends. It’s just like a Renaissance individual who actually wants to learn as well as bring changes to a business. 

Tips for aspirants in this field

If you want to make your career in this field, the good news is that demand for data scientist is far exceeding. Nevertheless, with the booming popularity of the data scientist not to mention that the big companies are typically hiring for this particular position. In order to get this job, candidates will have to be proficient in this field. Below are some quick tips to move ahead in this career:

Students about to Graduate: Concentrate on academics before & after graduation. Those who are successful as data scientists, come from various disciplines like econometrics, biostatics, computer science, applied mathematics, physics, machine learning, statistics, and many other correlated disciplines. The experience of applying the scientific method to other disciplines & areas of research will prove to be fruitful in the domain of data science. And as significant as academics during school times, it is really important to stay up-to-date with latest trends and discoveries within the academia, even after completing graduation.

For career entrants: Concentrate on business acumen. While statistical and programming expertise is the primary requirement for any data scientist, a strong hold in business and strategy can flourish a younger scientist’s career to the optimum level.

For data scientists, it is important to unearth information to reshape an entire company. Obtaining a better understanding of the business is what helps to make suitable strategies.

What types of companies hiring data scientists?

Almost every type of company is hiring and looking for data scientist. This position is in high-demand within some of the lucrative industries like technology companies, government agencies, and consulting & marketing research organizations.

  • Government Agencies: The consumer financial protection bureau is searching for data scientists to work directly with the Chief Data Officer and help set up its direction while guiding a team of other scientists.
  • Technology Companies:  Technology companies are hiring data scientists to help boost the company’s strategy. The data scientist analyses big data from various resources.
  • Consulting and Research Firms: Those carrying our research and are in consulting fields need data scientists to help manage their unstructured database. The role of the data scientist here is to identify new insights for their clients.

Think out of the box if you want to pursue a career in this domain. Companies want to see you as a data-driven problem solver. Remember, getting a job is as much about finding a company that matches your skills with its needs. You can even enroll for a professional course in this domain to hone your skills and sharpen your analytical skills. There are many organizations running a professional course for data scientists. Find one reliable company and see your half work is done!





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