Why Selenium is getting popular in Software Testing Field ?


Do you know the most important aspect of any software domain? If you don’t know, let me tell you the testing process is the most important aspect of any software domain.

Within the software industry, once a product has been prepared and reached its manual testing phase, every company thinks of automated testing to save costs and time involved in manual testing. Since the cost is the key factor for any project, companies have started implementing open-source test automation tools like “Selenium” instead of investing money in costly testing tools.

The motto of this blog is to decipher why selenium is getting popular in software testing field these days. So, let’s dig it out for you.

In 2004, Jason Huggins during the testing phase of an internal application created a JavaScript Test Runner, which transformed the way automating of the browser, is done. This then developed into “Selenium” that was later made open source.

Selenium in Today’s Day and Age

Selenium has evolved as well as adapted to the varying test environment, and here us a quick look at where does it stand currently in industry-

  • Selenium is one of the top-searched skill-set in job profiles.
  • At present, it is really tough to find somebody involved or well-versed in browser-based testing who doesn’t know about or has never heard of Selenium. So, here are golden opportunities for people who want to make their career in software testing domain.
  • There are many innovative organizations, which have created products on top on Selenium to facilitate more value to their clients like BrowserStack, SauceLab, etc.
  • There are a number of frameworks implemented in the different languages build of Selenium, which offer more capabilities for test automation.
  • There are several organizations that have developed over the years, selling Selenium automation testing services.
  • Service organizations all around the world have the superior layer of management talking & selling Selenium-based solutions to prospective clients.

Why is Selenium so Popular in Software Testing Field?

So, how is it that Selenium since decades is in vogue and getting stronger yet popular? Well, there are more than one reason that add to this cause. Let’s take a look-

The foremost reason – it simply works! It does what the APIs assert to do.

As it’s open source you can dig deep to understand how does it work, and if it calls for change, then it’s easy as everyone in the community has the power to do so. You need not be in the ‘elite class’ to get the access to the core working of the same. It means unlike expensive tools and software that require special license and hardware to do so, it doesn’t need those things.

The community support of Selenium is terrific. If you don’t get answers to your questions by the Selenium core contributors in time, there is a huge amount of expertise in the community. It is quite possible that someone has faced something similar, and the suggestions, workarounds, and ideas come in large numbers. Also, fixes are available in a quick way.

As it’s free other than having good programming language proficiency, you need not other tool-cost involved in it.

Selenium based automation caters to all the necessities of teams requiring to do test automation.

Roadmap for a responsive tester

There is the good news for you all, and you know what, the future of testing is bright! We are living in an era where a plethora of devices & technical advancements is rolling around every minute. It can seem challenging for those who do not adapt themselves to changing environment of technology and do not learn what science and technology have in store for us.

Below are some suggestions regarding what you can do to get on the track:

The role of Quality Analyst has become much more challenging yet complex and hence it needs a mindset shift along with technical discipline.

Get involved & put in your skills towards product architecture. This will help you understand what has to be tested, what has to be automated at which layer of the test pyramid & why.

Keep in mind that test automation is an aspect of development. Get well-versed with developer practices and apply your testing hat to become an expert in test automation.

While websites had been trickier to tackle about ten years ago, the QAs must know how to automate testing for not just websites, but also for mobile and interactive apps.

Behavior-Driven Testing (BDT) is also one of the means you can discover and build a good regression suite to keep away from the anti-patterns mentioned earlier.

Now you have an idea why Selenium is the hottest thing around and how it can boost your career in software testing field. If you want to make your career in this domain and are unaware of this open-source testing tool, go enroll yourself for a course today!




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