5 Reasons that Make Android Development Field a Promising Career for You.


Guess what? We’re living in an era where Android introduced by Google is no more a puzzle, but has gone viral reaching to every nook and corner of the world!

So, what’s there in for aspiring Android developers? How this widely admired OS is beneficial and this gonna provide an ocean of opportunities to you? These are some questions you might be having in your mind right now, isn’t it?

Well, here are some interesting reasons that talk much about Android development and its benefits for aspiring developers.

It’s Source Code- Make Most of It!

Being open source is what the most amazing part of Android operating system. More than ever, many electronic manufacturers including HTC, Samsung and Asus have got the access of the code that makes it really easy for them to use this OS in their smartphones!

According to a research, the global share of Android in handsets is going to escalate in the current year.

Since innumerable Android-based devices are getting affordable than what they were before, the size of the market is expected to boom now.

Huge App Market of Google Play store!

Every since the key player in the online domain, Google rolled out its own play store, the excitement of installing & checking out a new app has grown up multifold. There was a time when consumers were looking up to the iTunes Store from Apple. It’s not hard to speculate that getting an iPhone was nearly impossible, however with Google play store, getting an app of your choice has become an easy task.

Take a look at below-mentioned facts that’ll help you figure it out why choosing Android domain is beneficial for the career.

  • There are more than 1,460,800 apps in Google Play store & still growing!
  • Android is the crucial OS for 300 Smartphones, 90 Tablets & 6 E-Readers
  • Every day around 1.5 million Android devices are activated across the globe.
  • More than 60\% of Android apps are for free!

Immense Job Opportunities!

You know what; Android’s marketing is getting bigger and bigger. It has got an interesting revenue model. A number of companies have facilitated a dedicated team for app development with fast-paced hiring. The biggest advantage of learning Android App development is that you can either choose to work regular or as a freelancer. Likewise, if you master developing apps through Android, it becomes easy for you to develop apps for other OS as well. Madrid Software Trainings provides Android Application Development Training in Delhi in association with industry experts so that students will get maximum real time experience.

Widespread Device Platform

Android is omnipresent! Yes, it’s everywhere! Lately, the Moto 360 got introduced to give a competition to Apple Smartwatch. And, then there comes Google glass powered by the one and only Android Operating System. Surprisingly, the total number of Android devices sold all over is about 1,175,450,000! Now you can imagine how the far-stretched marketplace, Android has got!

Here is a list of devices that support Android- Smartphones, Smart TVs, Tablets, Camera, VoIP Phones, Portable Media Players, Video game player, Car Systems, Smartwatches Car DVD Player, and even Drone.

What’s in Store for the Aspiring Developer?

If you’re being bombarded with the question what’s in store for you, let me tell you that there are immense opportunities awaiting you! Different devices bag different opportunities.

For example, Smart TV users will have different expectations than what Smartphone users have when it comes to apps.

Taking into consideration this small but prevalent insight, you as being app developer can launch an app for almost every type of consumer thereby making their base wider and increasing their revenue manifold!

Android App Development Training and Program

Want to make a career in Android app development? You need to hone your skills then. Apart from that there are a lot of questions and confusions among Android app developers as what they should learn to make a career in Android app development.

One needs to agree that you must be innovative, creative, should have an urge to develop new ideas and identify opportunities in the market. But, keeping these things aside, there are some other relevant skills that you must know:

Java: You must have a sound knowledge of Java as Android apps feature java coding.

XML: XML is the also one of the most important skills after Java for Android App Development. It lets you work on the layout and design of the app.

There are certified yet reputed Android app development training institutes in which you can enroll yourself to master this field.



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