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Artificial Intelligence (A.I) Training Institute In Gurgaon

Artificial Intelligence also known as Machine intelligence is basically a simulation of human intelligence process by machines. After the invention of computers as machines, their capability to perform various tasks went on growing exponentially. Artificial intelligence is a way of making a machine or a computer-controlled robot or a software think intelligently. Madrid Software Trainings in association with industry experts provides complete practical training on all the parts of Artificial Intelligence like Deep Learning, Artificial Neural Network and Tensor flow. We have designed our course as per the current industry needs.

What will make you an expert in Artificial Intelligence?

Classroom Training

Our classroom programmes are carefully crafted for students of all backgrounds and experiences.

Learn from Experts

Our Trainers come with a lot of experience and have proven expertise in the domain they teach.

Practical Training

Our stress is always on the Practical experience in our Training Programmes.


We have designed assignments in such a manner that it will complement your classroom study.


We all have heard that ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. We’ll ensure that you practice enough.

Earn a certificate

Complete the Programme and earn an Industry accepted Certificate. Boost your Career with the Certificate!

Why Core A.I Course?

Studying A.I now can prepare you for a job in Neural Network, Machine Learning and Quantum A.I

Master the concepts of Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Every industry is working on A.I and thus creates huge demand for A.I professionals

Fastest growing career option

100% Placement Assistance

Artificial Intelligence course highlights!

On completion of A.I training candidates are expected to meet the following objectives:

  • Knowledge of Machine Learning concepts used in A.I.
  • Professionals will learn how to use A.I technologies like Python, Deep Learning, Artificial Neural Network and TensorFlow.
  • Learn to implement the concepts of A.I. in business and society.
  • Understanding of how to use Natural language processing in business.
  • Complete understanding of different type of A.I. environment.
  • Knowledge of Deep Learning algorithms.
  • Knowledge of Google open source Tensor flow and high-level API keras.
  • Professionals can design A.I. projects under the guidance of industry experts.
  • Complete understanding of Python concepts and Matplotlib concepts used in Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence Courses in Delhi

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DURATION: 3 Months


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If you have interest in learning artificial intelligence then there are no specific criteria to join the program. However, having an education degree is the basic to join anything. This artificial intelligence program accepts all applicants no matter what experience they hold and which background they belong to. The Artificial Intelligence program features world-class curriculum which helps you get placed in the top companies after completion of the course. The program offers broad knowledge of the field of artificial intelligence and enables you to maximize the potentials as an artificial intelligence engineer. If you are ready for an efficient immersion in the field of AI, with the aim of pursuing new opportunities in the domain, it is for you.


According to a top job site, employers demand for Artificial Intelligence talent has more than doubled in the past three years. This AI program is especially designed to build on your existing skills as a developer or engineer. As such, it doesn’t make you ready for a specific job title, but instead expands your skills with various artificial intelligence algorithms. These skills can be applied to different applications like video game AI, recognizing patterns over time like handwriting, path finding for robots, and sign language. Research scientist, business intelligence developer, software architect and product manager are a few job roles that you can come across in the field of artificial intelligence. 


In this Artificial Intelligence study program, you get an opportunity to learn from the well-qualified AI experts. Backed by sound knowledge, they help you develop in-depth understanding of algorithms that are being applied to real-world problems in Natural Language Processing, Bioinformatics, Computer Vision and more. If you wish to become an AI expert, then this program is suitable for you, because it gives you an insight of the most important algorithms in AI. You will benefit from a structured approach to apply the techniques to upcoming challenges. Trainers at Madrid software are backed by years of experience in the field of AI which helps you emerge from the program fully prepared to advance.


It is aptly said that India is a land of opportunity. It has been observed in the past couple of years with the emergence of thousands of job openings in the field of technology. Other than IT, new technology programs like Machine Learning, Software Testing and Artificial Intelligence are also scoring high. It has been anticipated that the county would see a 60% rise in the demand for AI and ML professionals by 2020. So, the chances of getting good salary are very high. On an average, Artificial Intelligence Engineers can easily salary in the range of 15-25 Lakhs per annum In India. Again, it may vary on the basis of location and company.


You must have completed an education degree or equivalent course to start this course as a career. It is good to have good communication skills prior to entering the program. You will require being able to communicate fluently as well as professionally in written and spoken English. Besides this, you should have knowledge of intermediate python programming include strings, numbers, variables, operators, expressions, lists, dictionaries, loops, conditions, objects, modules and comprehensions. Though it is not mandatory but again it is good to have little idea about troubleshooting and debugging, research & documentation algorithms, data structures and problem solving. Having these skills will help you learn artificial intelligence course more confidently.

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