Big Data Hadoop Case Study - How Telecom Companies using Big Data Hadoop to handle frauds ?

Big Data Hadoop Case Study - How Telecom Companies using Big Data Hadoop to handle frauds ?

Did you know telecom companies have a treasure-trove of data? Yes, they have a storehouse of huge customer data, which they can use to get deeper insights to analyse customers’ behavior, preferences, the use of service patterns, and inclination in real-time. Here we are going to discuss big data Hadoop case study over the analysis of retail WiFi log file with Hadoop.


Combined actuate and Hadoop solution- One of the big advantages of Hadoop solution is that you can directly access the reports till date. This made our activities evolve over the period and still it’s being evolved. As far as Actuate is concerned then it simplified for us the large-scale and difficult problem.


Re-engineering- With the help of IBM a leading telecom industry data analytics provider had re-engineered the market measurement product, which included these efforts- re-engineering of data, development of new custom user interface and creation of IBM Congos reports. This led to a new product that offered optimum quality deliverables to the clients of our customers while at the same time decreasing the support needed by 55 percent.


Telco Case study- Vodafone & Argyle Data leveraging Big Data to Avoid Fraud- The case study carried out by Vodafone and Argyle suggests that the use of big data prevents fraud.


Globe Telecom- boosting marketing with smart promotions- A Philippines-based company Global Telecom was in search of a better way to drive as well as keep existing value-conscious mobile customers. It teamed up with Nokia and IBM and deployed an SOA-based service as well as a delivery platform so as to create targeted customer promotion swiftly.


Ufone’s advanced analytics to research and capitalize on customer behavior- A few years back marketing was all about sending emails, calling at inappropriate timings and television ads. But, unfortunately, these were embattled in a scattershot approach. No matter whether a company was able to convert a few users out of 10,000 contacts, the step was said to be the success.


Big data- a new era for telecom industry- It is really a tough question to figure it out how much benefit telecommunication companies are going to garner from big data. Every operator out there looks for a new way to boost revenues during a period of dull growth in the industry. However, a few operators have showed the prowess required to leverage this technology.


Not just Big Data, gigantic data- A mobile communications service provider wanted to dig into the customer location and travel patterns so as to boost real-time promotions, advertising along with up-sell of services. Further, they needed additional, textured details to enhance their network operations for superior customer service.


Analytics- the use of big data in telecommunications: Big data plays a pivotal role in creating new revenue streams. It helps communications service providers to get massive information regarding their customers’ behaviors, preferences and movements. However, many communications service providers find it hard to completely drive the precious big data.


Big data means no communications fraud- With the increase of smart devices and escalating IP networks, the industry, especially telecom sector is seeing the reappearance of communications fraud. It can come from any source at any moment that simply means that communications fraud, at present, is a troublesome big data hitch.


It gives real-time customer insight and foresight- here is an example of the case study we carried out, which shows how big data gives real-time customer insight and foresight.


A large telecom company required leveraging its huge respiratory of data for timely customer analytics. The problem they faced was increased churn and decreased share in between the process. Our strategy entailed implementation of various platforms which collected, stored and analysed the data gathered from millions of customers through billions of transactions. The result was real-time marketing efficiency so as to serve customers best and drive new customers.

The challenge

As big data is turning out to be critical to producing unique market insights for companies focused on customers, this company wasn’t an exception. It has sizeable volumes of data, but it wasn’t able to perform meaningful analysis. The problems that they were facing included latency of data, increased reporting time and so on. The company needed more recent data to generate insights so as to understand their customers’ behavior and create new avenues for profits. They also required integrating new CRM hold back churning of data. They also looked for foresight abilities to discover the way to shape up new revenue models and grab more agile market share.


How we helped

We helped it make a solution with the help of the SAP HANA platform that is in-memory technology designed to offer versatility and close real-time analytics. With the insights provided, the company is able to understand better and proactively respond to actions of customers by delivering timely incentives and offers through multiple channels, for example, text messages or focused electronic promotions with relevant coupons.

The solution can also increase the prowess for company business analysts and functionalities to carry out scenario-based analyses along with campaign simulations in real-time with the help of live customer & established campaign data. Hence, opening up new avenues of fresh markets.



Our solution was strategy led and technology fed which is designed to be a game-changer that can help companies to take an edge over competitors. The data lag can be decreased from the recent 45 days to offer operation in real-time. The company also expects that this will boost marketing and channel organization group to stand out its market performance against pertinent KPI’s and fashion more accurately targeted campaigns, reliant to that performance. With the help of the solution, the company will put forth an effort to harness the potential of social media.

This case study asserts the role of big data in the telecom industry. If you want to get Big Data Hadoop Training in Delhi look no further than our Big Data Hadoop institute in Delhi that offers various programs with case study materials and more.


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