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Cloud computing is a technology used by companies to perform their work faster and with limited resources. It is easy and less laborious than traditional methods available in the market. An internet access is required to perform the work anywhere in the world with cloud computing. This increases the productivity of professionals immensely and hence reduce the IT cost of the company. Madrid software trainings in association with industry experts provide high quality cloud computing training to fresher’s and working professionals.


After completion of the course, students will have an expertise in the following

  • Deep understanding of the models of cloud computing.
  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a service (PaaS)
  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Understanding of cloud computing architecture.
  • Students can build private cloud on open stack platform
  • Understanding of various aspects of open stack platform.
  • Complete overview of virtualisation technique.
  • Complete understanding of networking concepts used in cloud computing.
  • Knowledge of cloud monitoring and management using Vmware product.
  • Understanding of public, private and hybrid cloud.


Any working professional interested in knowing cloud computing, people from tech support, professionals with networking background, any graduate/ post graduate with an urge to learn cloud computing can do this course

Candidates with basic networking knowledge are ideal for this course.

1. Cloud Computing

  • Introduction
    • Evolution of Cloud Computing
    • What is Cloud Computing?
    • Cloud Computing Architecture
    • Cloud Characteristics
    • Features of Cloud
    • Cloud Components- IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
    • Cloud Types
  • Cloud Landscape and major cloud service providers
    • Brief overview of major Cloud Service providers –Amazon AWS, Google App Engine, Microsoft, VMware.
    • How Companies are using Cloud Computing
    • Cloud Computing Risks and Issues

2. Going Briefly into Cloud

  • Brief Cloud components or Service Models
    • IaaS – Functioning, Architecture
    • PaaS– Functioning, Architecture
    • SaaS – Functioning, Architecture
  • Brief – Cloud types
    • Public Cloud – Overview, Features & Examples
    • Private Cloud – Overview, Features & Examples
    • Hybrid Cloud – Overview, Features & Examples

3. Networking Concepts used in Cloud Computing

  • Vlan
  • Protocols
  • IP Network Classes
  • Switching
  • Bandwidth
  • Advances in Networking and Processing Speeds that Led to Cloud Computing
    • Networking Developments
    • Increased Processing Speeds

Cloud Computing Fundamentals:

  •     Introduction to the Cloud Computing
  •     Key characteristics of cloud computing
  •     Service model - SAAS (Software as a service), PAAS (Platform as a service), IAAS (Infrastructure as a service)
  •    Types of Clouds ( Private Cloud,  Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud )


Salesforce Administration :-

Sales Force CRM Concepts:

  •     What is CRM?
  •     Salesforce CRM Navigation terminology
  •     Compare CRM with other CRM products
  •     Configuration & Customization in CRM
  •     Introduction to Salesforce CRM Setup ( Admin Setup)
  •     Sales Cloud & Service Cloud
  •     Salesforce editions

Setting up the User Interface

  •  Setting Up the UI and Search Options

Getting Your Organization Ready for Users

  • Setting Up the Company Profile
  • Configuring the UI
  • Configuring Search Settings

Security and Data Access

  • Restricting Logins
  • Understanding  OWD
  • Learn about record accessed
  • Create  Profiles
  • Creating a Role Hierarchy
  • Managing field-level security

Customization: Fields

  • Administrating Standard Fields
  • Creating New Custom Fields
  • Creating Selection Fields: Picklists and Lookups
  • Creating Formula Fields
  • Working with Page Layouts
  • Working with Record Types

Managing Data

  • Import Wizards
  • Data Loader
  • Mass Transfer
  • Backing Up Data
  • Mass Delete and Recycle Bin


  • Workflow Rules
  • Approval Process
  • Plan approvals using workflow
  • Use the approval wizard – standard vs. jump start
  • Create workflow approvals
  • Set Up Sales Path


  • Chatter Overview
  • Get Started with Chatter
  • Activities - Set Up Notes
  • Activities - Set Up Events, Calendars, and Tasks
  • Activities - Set Up Shared Calendars in Salesforce Classic

Salesforce Email

  •  Set Up and Manage Email Templates

Reports and Dashboards

  • Running and Modifying Reports
  • Creating New Reports with the Report Builder
  • Type of Reports
  • Working with Report Filters
  • Summarizing with Formulas
  • Printing, Exporting, and Emailing Reports
  • Building Dashboards

The Appexchnage:

  •     The AppExchange
  •     Install an app
  •     Delete an app



Salesforce Development Programme:-

Course Outline for Platform Developer

This comprehensive hands-on course is a must for new Salesforce developers. Relevant for developers who have experience on any other object oriented programming language like java or php etc. For maximum benefit, we recommend this course for developers who have basic understanding of Salesforce CRM product and its administration.

Introduction to Platform

  • Introduction to Platform
  •  Multitenancy and Cloud
  • The technologies behind a Platform
  •  Understanding Salesforce Metadata and API
  •  Understanding Salesforce Architecture
  •  Declarative vs. Programmatic Customizations

Building Data Model in Salesforce

  •  Understanding Salesforce Data Model and flow
  • Schema Builder
  • Creating Objects, Fields, Record type, Custom Object tab, Page Layout
  •  Creating Relationship between fields - Master detail, lookup, and many-to-many relationships
  • Customization options
  • Workflow rules with Approvals
  • Custom formulas and validation rules

Salesforce Development Tools

  • Developer Console
  • IDE
  • Visualforce development mode
  • Code editor
  • Migration Tool

Apex Development

  •  Apex Orientation
  • Apex development lifecycle
  • Apex Language Fundamentals
  • Sample code demo


  •  What is Debugging?
  •  What is Logs
  •  Debug Logs in Developer Console


  • Understanding Testing in Apex
  • Running Unit Test Methods
  • Unit Testing Apex
  • Execute Test Classes

Exception Handling

  • What Is an Exception?
  • Try, Catch, and Finally Statements
  • Built-In Exceptions and Common Methods
  • Catching Different Exception Types
  • Creating Custom Exceptions


  • Create custom user interfaces
  • Creating Visualforce Pages
  • Viewing and Editing Visualforce Pages
  • Create Visualforce Tabs
  • Visualforce Components
  • Using AJAX in Visualforce Pages
  • Using JavaScript in Visualforce Pages
  • Visualforce Pages with Apex Controllers
  • Using Static Resources
  • Sample code demo


  •  Requirements for deploying Apex, code coverage
  •  Deployment  via Change Sets
  • Using Workbench
  • Deploy code using the IDE, the Migration Tool
  • Migration Tool additional deployment methods.

Query language

  • Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) & Salesforce Object Search Language (SOSL)
  • Statements on-the-fly in Apex


  • What is Triggers?
  • Types of Apex Triggers
  • Order of Execution
  • Creating and Viewing Triggers
  •  Trigger Context Variables
  • Trigger Events
  • Overview of Dynamic Apex

Overview of Dynamic Apex

  • Introduction to Batch Apex
  • Usage of Batch Apex
  • Understanding Execution Governors and Limits
  • Apex Scheduler



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