How Big Data Hadoop Helps Recommend Matches in Matrimonial Sites ?

How Big Data Hadoop Helps Recommend Matches in Matrimonial Sites

Have you ever wondered all the match making or matrimonial sites use big data Hadoop? Yes, don’t wonder, big data has made an entry to these sites as well. Those recommendations, match preferences, automatically suggested by these sites, actually have a lot of analysis behind the curtain.

Let’s understand through the below given case study.


Hadoop for Developing a Recommendation System

Developing a recommendation system is quite essential for various businesses in domains like online newsfeeds, online retailers, online videos, movies and so on. Here we are going to discuss a case study that makes use of big data and Hadoop to form a recommendation mechanism.


Suppose a leading match making or matrimonial service has to measure compatibility between particular profiles so as to suggest quality matches for a potential relationship. Let’s understand how Hadoop helped many people find romance or get hitched online.


The data obtained from the matrimonial site is taken from the users at the time of signup (registration) and during their online behavior. When people register on a particular match making site they are asked to fill certain fields in order to get an idea of the characteristics and attributes they search for in a partner.


The company merges this data with demographics knowledge as well as their online activities to make a list of the suggested set of partners. The data incorporated is a combination of structured details, matching stats, that is used for scoring as well as recommendation algorithms.

With a boost in the number of the subscribers of the service, the data related to it also increases, making it really challenging to make a comparison between every possible pair of profiles. The traditional database system couldn’t scale it up to go well with the growth of the consumer base. Hence, Hadoop was brought in place to substitute the data storage as well as the analytical system as it has fast analytical system and low cost storage abilities.  


Integrating such massive amounts of data together with fault tolerant processing has helped the online match making site to improve its recommendation system through robust assessment of compatibility scores.


Behaviours of the user such as duration and profile visits during those visits through collaborative filtering offer accurate information as far as a user’s preferences are concerned.


Hence, we see big data is everywhere, even in match making domain!


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