NETFLIX is using Hadoop to manage its data

NETFLIX is using Hadoop to manage its data

Hadoop is one of the most popular framework for managing and processing hundreds of terabytes to petabytes of data. Netflix is using Hadoop based data warehouse that is currently petabyte in scale and this is growing at a very fast pace. Due to the sudden explosion in data, Netflix is building a data warehouse that is infinite in scale and it is build up on cloud platform. Instead of using traditional data center based Hadoop infrastructure, Netflix is using the elasticity of cloud in order to build a system which is very much scalable dynamically. Hadoop Distributed file system can be used to host data in a traditional data center Hadoop warehouse.


Netflix is using Amazon Storage Service (S3) to store all of their data. Any dataset that is worth storing is stored in S3. Data is coming from billions of streaming events from televisions, laptops and mobile devices every minute that is captured by the log data pipeline. S3 can be used as a source of truth because S3 is more durable and elastic than HDFS. Netflix is using Amazon’s Elastic MapReduce (EMR) distribution of Hadoop. S3 can be used as data warehouse that enables spin up of multiple Hadoop clusters for different workloads all of them accessing exactly the same data. Companies are using Hadoop to manage their data and thus creating a huge demand for bigdata Hadoop professionals in the market.


Netflix is using cloud based Hadoop architecture which is very much different from data center based ones because using the cloud platform give more elasticity to scale up and down, Learn all these components under Bigdata Hadoop training program offered by Madrid Software Trainings.


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