What is an IOS Application, What are its main features and why is it getting popular in mobile app industry?

What is an IOS Application, What are its main features and why is it getting popular in mobile app industry?

IOS Application is the application developed by Apple for IPhone operating system that only works on iDevices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod etc. The IDE for IOS Application is Xcode that provides UI Designing, Predefined frameworks, iPhone simulator, Debugging within it. It makes IOS Application development very easy because of having different objects and classes for using in your app as per requirement without writing the code for that.

The main feature of IOS Application are its UI Kit, MVC, model for design pattern, Store kit, Push notification, Game kit iad , News stand , Core location, Map kit, Networking, Accelerate, Amazing graphics, Inter app messaging, Multitasking, SIRI and others.

The thing that makes IOS application separate with other kind of applications is its design pattern which are as follows.

1. MVC Pattern (Model-View-Controller) is the most used design pattern and it separates the data model, view (visual representation) and controller (mediator between data model and view).

2. The Singleton pattern – It ensures that only one instance exists for a given class and that there is a global access point to that instance.

3. The Façade design pattern – It provides a single interface to complex subsystem.

4. The Decorator design pattern – It adds dynamically behaviours and responsibilities to an object without modifying it code.

5. Delegation – It’s a mechanism in which one object acts on behalf of another object.


IOS Application are popular because of the Apple and the technology they use. In every new launch of its product they come with different and unique features in their product. Since Apple provides the opportunity to develop and upload their Apps on Apple store which makes all the programmers and developers more passionate for working with Apple and to develop new Apps.Madrid Software trainings provides complete hands on training on IOS application to students.


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