What is Data Science and Why It is the Most Demanding Skill of 2019?

Data science can be described as the interdisciplinary study of different fields and all things associated with data. It is a combination of math, statistics and computer science and business intelligence. Data science is a new term but the role of a data scientist has already existed even before it was officially introduced.

Why to Consider Data Science as Career?

Different parts of the jobs were managed by various professionals who excel in any one of the filed. But now, it is sole person who is expected to have all the required skills and perform the tasks what used to be at least two or three separate roles. It means that the skills are necessary for you to learn if you want to become a data scientist.

If we look at job forecast in Data Science in 2019 and coming years, here are top 6 reasons that make it the most demanding skill. 

  1. You can get an idea of the popularity of the data scientist job that it was awarded with the title of the ‘sexiest job of the 21st century’. This clearly indicates the importance of data scientist. Data scientist and associated roles involve data mining, big data and data architects.
  2. The data scientist is the most sought after job role by organizations which are looking for the suitable candidate with a handsome salary.
  3. Of the candidates, those who show great interest in data science and machine learning, data science tend to be paid higher for their particular skill set. Likewise, there is always a demand for data scientist who has sound knowledge of any trending programming languages.
  4. It has made python the most valuable skill in the job market for the data science professionals. So you can consider taking a python online course. You should try to get better because it will improve your job prospects like a data scientist.
  5. A continuous growth is being observed in the demand for data science experts because more organizations are seeking to gather and analyze data and gain business insights from the information.
  6. As more organizations adopt data-driven approaches, data science professionals must update their skills currently depends on what employers require.

Salary Expectation  

A data scientist professional gets paid the best salary in comparison to the other roles that involve data science.

  • There is a great market demand for data scientists across different companies from various domains are getting into data-driven decision marking. Of course, every field has a different level of data science requirement involved for their products.
  • Hence, a data scientist who gets job in an industry where there is a great dependency on data science will definitely be better paid than the other professionals.
  • Education also plays a vital role in determining the salary of a data scientist. In recent couple of years, many data science professionals have been recognized to have a masters or a PhD degree. Even some of the universities have also begin to offer data science as a specialty course in their study programme.
  • These graduates obviously tend to be paid more. The other reason why data scientists are highly paid will be those who have experience and expertise in business intelligence and various other data-oriented job roles. If a person has gained knowledge through a reputed institute and get certified can also expect better pay.

Skills Required to Become a Data Scientist

The job market has recently undergone a few changes in recent times with few tech advancements in machine learning as well as artificial intelligence. So, to be an expert in data science, you need to equip yourself with more skills because data science filed is continuously growing.

  1. Non-Technical Skills

If you are considering to become a data scientist, you need to learn a set of non-technical skills. A few are general that every job needs and some are particularly related to data science. Once you have gained knowledge of the non-technical skills and you have made up your mind that data science is the right pick for you, you can start learning the technical skills which data scientist job actually requires.


  1. Competence for Data Consumption

It is less a skill but important if you have aptitude for data. You should be capable to handle a great amount of data every day. It is not a career meant for those who keep on searching the different challenges every day. Rather, it is more for people who are willing to work towards perfection and ready to take risk and then come up with a smarter decision. Whatever decision you make will be evaluated with the data and consistent updates take place to a campaign.


  1. Have Domain Knowledge

There is no doubt about the fact that every industry is dependent on data science nowadays. But each industry has its own business model, domain and requirements. So, it is not sufficient to have only core skills rather you should also know how things work in the domain you are willing to apply for a job. It is a must so that the data scientists will understand which data is relevant and what will be useful for that domain.


  1. Curiosity and Innovation

If you have natural curiosity about data, it is a much needed skill to apply for a data scientist. You should also spot patterns as well as trends in unrelated batches of data. You also require little creatively to come up with the visualization and certain ideas to describe the result to other co-workers who may not have knowledge of data science.

You should be able to make them understand trends as well as opportunities in simple terms. So, if you have curiosity and innovation, you can play a major role when it comes to predicting trends. It also helps in introducing tools which simplifies your life.

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