Why Data Science is the Highest Paying Career in 2019?

In today’s word, Data is considered as the new gold mine because it holds great significance in modern business world. That is why more individuals are inclined towards Data Science Training in Delhi. The current corporate domain is majorly operated based on decisions that are driven by data.

It is surprising to known that about 2.5 Quintilian bytes of data is already being generated. Is not it a massive amount? Have you ever wondered what would happen if due to some system malfunction or related issue, all the data gets lost? It will create a mess for business and would cost them undoubtedly a lot.

That is why there is a significant demand for Data Scientists in the job world. In fact, the profile of a data scientist is already being declared as the most sought after profession of the 21st century. Hence, it is the right time for you to make the most of this growth and enroll yourself for Data Science courses in Delhi.

Wide Demand of Data Science

With Big Data being used in almost all areas of our lives and in the coming future, there would not be any organization which can afford to deny the significance of data science. If they do so, chances are on greater side that they would run out on the competition. Small companies with enough data handling skills will win over larger organizations with limited data knowledge. Even the start-up companies are not delaying any opportunity of making data-based decisions.

If this huge amount of data can be analyzed and calculated using a science based approach, it can assist the organizations get meaningful conclusions that clearly indicates to the more profits, better business decisions and higher ROI. Therefore, do not delay your decision of joining a Data Science institute in Delhi.

More High Paying Opportunities

No matter whether it is a start-up or a giant corporation, no organization exist in the modern age which does not count on data and analytics for making business decisions. According to the reports published by a reputed Global Institute, around 40 petabytes of data would be covering up the internet by the year 2020. It will further facilitate a huge rise in demand for Big Data as well as Data Science professionals and that is why attending Data Science Training in Delhi will be a good decision.

With the passing time, the popularity of Big Data will touch new level as more organizations would begin adopting this amazing opportunity for their business growth. With the soaring demand of qualified professionals and lack of supply of the same, according to the economic principles, the salary structure will also be lucrative.

It is evident that data scientists are the ones who are getting higher paying jobs in comparison with other engineers and individuals working in the similar field. As per the report published by online education portal, a dramatic rise has been noticed in the listing and application for jobs associated with Data Science. Hence, it is clear that Data Science is here not only to survive but to rule the job world in coming years.

Great Salary Potential

No doubt, Data Analytics skills are seen as the demand of the hour and hence there are many data science courses in Delhi are availed. Almost each industry is in great need of skilled professionals with adequate knowledge to manage and handle the data properly and conclude to meaningful outcomes. It will facilitate businesses to take their operations to a new level.

Having mentioned that, it is obvious that only trained professionals will be able to gain maximum exposure in this data-driven era besides enjoying a great salary structure. A research report was published by a global organization, where it was clearly mentioned that the average annual salary of data scientists in the year 2015 was $130,000. Now, the requirement has grown higher, and the salary structure has also grown to a great extent.

Talking about India, the average salary structure for Data professionals is also lucrative. After completing your training from a Data Science institute in Delhi, you can enter the job market.  An Analytics professional in the country can easily anticipate as much as INR 15 lakh per annum in his initial job years. And this goes further high after gaining experience.

The most interesting factor associated with Data Science is that it is not only popular in India, but other international markets are also in search of highly trained professionals. Hence, if you are ambitious and talented with the relevant knowledge to grow and succeed, Data Science unlocks the perfect opportunity to achieve your goals.

Job Roles in Data Science

The demand of people with good skills in this field is soaring and will continue to grow. After their Data Science Training in Delhi, these professionals are happily hired by the top names in the business which is inclined to pay huge salary to the skilled and talented professionals. The types of job roles encompass:

  • Business Intelligent Analyst

No matter what you choose among various Data Science courses in Delhi, you can opt any of the job roles you find most interesting. To find out the current status of a company, the help of a Business Analyst is sought. He makes use of data and search for business trends, patterns and relationships and offers a visualization and report.

  • Data Scientist

A data scientist is expected to decipher huge chunks of data and extracts meaningful information to assist an organization to improve its business operations. They make use of various tools, methodologies, techniques, statistics, algorithms and others to analyze data.

  • Data Architect

A Data Architect is someone who works with other key professionals like system designers, users and developers. He is expected to maintain and secure data sources. As a data architect, you can expect rewarding salary as a beginner as well.

  • Data Engineer

A data engineer is also a very popular job role and many aspirants are willing to become data engineer. The trained professionals from a Data Science institute in Delhi works with huge amount of data clean extracts and create modern algorithms for data business.

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