Why video is the next big thing in big data

Internet-connected devices, machines,social media , video sites like youtube and other software applications flood corporations with huge amount of information. The need to store, and make sense of all that data has led to big investments in data centres.

Analytics is used in almost every type of work. It means employing tools like Hadoop, an open-source software framework used to process large-scale data sets. And, of course, it means hiring people with skills to make sense of it all.

For all this time big data has been focused on numbers and letters. Sales numbers, medical results, weather, sensor readings, tweets, news articles. However, now, it looks like video is emerging as the next great source for companies to learn about customers. It gives traditional retailers the type of information that e-retailers already get about what people look at but don’t buy.

With surveillance cameras, cell phones and camcorders we’re able to record video at large scale. YouTube has numerous videos added every minute. There’s lots of information in the videos, but without accurate tags or someone willing to watch all that video, it is a total waste. Researchers are using object recognition to summarise long videos, so people can know what they’re about, without having to rely on titles alone. Video is actually easier to work with than images because it shows what actually is happening at real time.

Storeowners are using video analysis to figure out when stores are the busiest and where people are walking, stopping and looking. Some are even using eye level cameras to identify which items people are looking at. Facial recognition software is helping stores assess shoppers’ age, sex and race to target ads and provide accurate data about consumers.

The government is planning to install thousands of CCTV cameras across the city to improve security structure. This will generate lakhs of video files on daily basis, big data Hadoop will be used to manage the huge data as it is already doing for the railways. This will create a huge demand for professionals trained in big data Hadoop, not only in the mnc's but in government sector too.Madrid Software Trainings in association with Hadoop consultants provides complete hands on training on all the frameworks of Big Data Hadoop.

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