What is a Data Scientist and how much he earn in India?

Over the years data science has swiftly become a hot career option. With the growing promises of A.I, Big Data, and other technological evolutions, data science has turned to be a more appropriate field of work.

If you are also looking forward for a career in data science, then this blog is of great help to provide you with all the relevant information about its benefits and opportunities in holds.

Let’s dive in

What is data science?

Data science is a multidisciplinary sphere that makes use of data analysis, algorithms, statistics, and machine learning techniques to gain for problem-solving and research in different scientific areas.

What does a data scientist do?

Data scientists study the provided data to distinguish trends, patterns and characteristics. They integrate a number of techniques along with research models to make logic of the data therefore providing businesses with significant insights to be used for strategizing and designing better products and services.

Why build a career in data science?

In this current digital age, all kinds of industries invest in data science and analytics to make better choices for themselves and their consumers. Data scientists are an asset to every companies who are looking to stand ahead of the race of success.

Scope of data science in India

  • In India, main verticals of businesses like healthcare, IT, banking, e-commerce, telecommunications, fashion, and media require data scientists.
  • India is second to the US in terms of data scientist jobs.
  • Currently, there are over 50,000 data science jobs opportunities in India.

What is a Data Scientist Salary in India?

  • According to Up Grad, the highest paying job in India is of a “Data Scientist”.
  • The average salary of data scientist as listed on Glassdoor is above 10,00,000 INR annually which can even go as high as 2,000,000 INR depending on the experience.

Moreover, there are several global companies who prefer to extend their business to India. There already has been a few tech giants who are operating in India like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, and much more. And that speaks for the bright opportunities for data scientists in India.

Now let’s understand what is required to be a data scientist in India.

Academic Qualification to be a Data Scientist 

As per the facts, over 50% data scientists in India hold a Master’s degree whereas around 34% have a Bachelor’s degree and the remaining 6% are Ph.D.

As far as academic background is concerned, a degree in computer studies, statistics, finance, business studies, economics, and mathematics is an added advantage.

Skills to be a Data Scientist

The must-have skillset to be a data scientist are listed below:

  • expertise in excel
  • hands-on knowledge of statistics and mathematics
  • Skilled knowledge in visualization tools like Tableau and Power BI
  • knowledge in scripting languages like Python, SQL, SAS, and R.

Interesting Fact – The programming languages used by data scientists in India is highest than other countries

Ready to Start Your Data Scientist Career?

So, if you are ready to start a career in data science, it is important to choose a job oriented cutting-edge courses from some renowned data science institute in India.

You need to look for a full-fledged data science course in Delhi. There are numerous institutes offering data science training in Delhi that can leave you confused.

How to Choose the Right Institute?

Consider a few checks before choosing the best institute for data science that can clear your confusions such as;

  • Placement Reviews
  • Matched Budget
  • Practical Sessions Provided
  • Experienced Mentors
  • Alumni Reviews
  • Testimonials

Considering all the checks mentioned above, you can carefully shortlist from the data science training in Delhi or from anywhere.

Data Science Institute in Delhi

However, we can make the task easier if you are from Delhi and looking for the best data science institute in Delhi. We highly recommend you Madrid Software Trainings that checks off everything mentioned in the list above and offers you the best data science training in Delhi with an in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of all the latest data science tools and techniques.

Software Madrid Trainings offer the best data science courses in Delhi with industry-based specialized curriculum to gain the right skillset considering the best practices of current industry and the future trends to keep you a step ahead of others in your career in this field.

What Madrid Software Training Offers?

  • Classroom Training – The classroom programmes are carefully crafted for students of all backgrounds and experiences.
  • Expert Guidance – The Trainers come with a lot of experience and have proven expertise in the domain they teach.
  • Practical Training – Every topic covered with case studies and live examples for better understanding of concepts.
  • Assignment – Assignments are designed to complement the classroom study.
  • Certificate – And finally! A certificate upon completion of the programme.


The Data Science role requires a combination of skill, qualification, experience, correct tools and technologies and a certificate from the best data science institute in Delhi and India. Becoming a data scientist in India is worth studying from the best data scientist institute. So, if you are passionate about a career in Data science, you are at the right place.  Madrid Software Training is measured as one of the best Data Science training institutes in Delhi. Hence, we recommend you to enroll yourself today and take the first step towards your goals.

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